How do you manage websites for overseas products let users push you back



Neil Joglekar is the founder of ReelSurfer website, ReelSurfer is an online video clips sharing platform. Neil Joglekar and ReelSurfer’s other founder, Christian Yang, were invited to attend a lecture at the entertainment technology center at Carnegie University in Meilong to share their stories about the entrepreneurial process. Let’s take a look at how ReelSurfer makes the product.

Neil Joglekar says startups need to pay great attention to user feedback:

do what users need, and I think this is the most important condition for starting a business. No one except you, your team, your family, will pay attention to whether you are starting a business or not. You have to keep competing with other companies to get the time and attention of the user.

when we created ReelSurfer products, we felt we knew the user’s needs very well, but soon the users told us what they really wanted. You have to keep getting user feedback from the product, which is actually very simple, because people are always happy to express their opinions. If you build good access to feedback, they will enthusiastically tell you where to do well and where to do poorly. Here are some of our practices:

1) usability research. Invite some users into a room and watch him use the product for about 30 minutes. Then ask them why they use our product and what makes them use it every day. These responses don’t work, but you can see user trends from them.

2) conducting A/B testing. Remember that data doesn’t lie. By clicking on the user, you can see exactly what functions are useful and which functions are not.

3) creating something that a few users really like. Although this is not a very productive job, remember that everyone represents a similar group of people, and if you can make 100 users fall in love with your product, you will have the opportunity to develop a large user base.


Xiao Bian believes that user demand is to make a product eternal core. Without demand, there is no market without value. But many products in the birth of the product team just noticed a large direction of the needs of users, in the process of product development and improvement after the release, must always pay attention to user feedback, and their error correction direction.

users are cruel, paranoid, and selfish. They are always concerned only with their own needs. All they know is good or bad. They use you >