Live websites are so rampant

live website rose last summer, remember it was a live bar and zero bar, of course, now these two sites are still the hottest live sites. Because the Premier League broadcast rights by China Tiansheng bought mainland fans accustomed to free before the ball, no ball, this is a piece of the market, like live it also caught the market, but with the passage of time, more and more live sites began to spread

I also got a live site shortly before the webcast website, saying that white is embedded in the page of each player’s game signal code, and then go to the publicity, let more people come here to see you, earn IP and PV. Publicity is also a Baidu post bar. If the previous live sites very profitable, so live sites innumerable now, too many people to engage in live sites, so Chinese how many people watch the game. Each live site points is gone, the flow rate is not high, unless you live sites in some places is quite distinctive, can attract others, it can be said that the live forum is very good, he can attract customers, we have nothing to play such a long time, a twenty preach 100, famous website, live it to reveal the reason there is his domain name is consistent with the Chinese memory, can be said that a remember, here reflects the advantage of domain name.

because there are too many live sites, so from another point of view to develop, how to give users a higher experience, and retain users is the most fundamental.