A rookie station trip

is a rookie, can not deny that I was a little small shrimp a myriad of Hainan, from May this year, I gave up a good job wages. Into the IT world that I don’t know about ABCD. From the time I started giving up my job, I was filled with a love of the internet. Plunge into the network industry, the thing that thinks in the mind at that time, now think of really childish, thought that as long as put in, there will be the harvest. But I was wrong, completely mistaken. When I really entered the online business. I found everything was not so easy as I imagined. Out of the investment more than 10000 yuan all hit the bailer. And there’s no bubble.

I cheated on those money! I love dearly. That is my hard-earned money, that is my father’s hard-earned money! When I was honest from the father’s hand money to cheat others, my heart bleeds. Really, you can not imagine a migrant workers to take the poor bear a few quick money. The taste of my heart.

I bought it when I bought space. He told me that IIS was open. (I didn’t even know what IIS was.) I followed my friend’s advice and bought it. But after I bought it, my friend told me I was cheated. So I looked for the theory of grace. They told me that the man who sold the space had left, and it was not up to them. Until now, I really regret it. It took 500 quick to buy a 1G space. And they think the technical support they offer is nothing more than corn and the like. All the other jobs didn’t understand. I bought a space and sent me a CN corn, so I really started my life as a webmaster. Spent 350 bought me a webmaster friend, the so-called program, a pure HTML home page. Is the main page of a station. That is to say, I came to an IP, and I gave it to my friend.

later, for this so-called station, I don’t know how much I paid. Spend seven or eight hours on it every night. It’s all done for someone else. Later, I found I was cheated, and I questioned my friend, why do you want to do this to me?. He also replied: "I did not want your money, but you are too silly, I do not lie to you, still some people cheat, so I want to ask him to return my money.". Instead of giving it to me, he gave me K on Q. I’m angry, but I can’t keep looking for him, because I know I can’t find him,

later owned my corn now, so I invested several thousand more. I want someone to help me to be a non mainstream station. But because I got enough money, but not to the point that the end of hills and rivers. I gave up the idea.

later, because of the need for survival, I came out of my home and ran to our provincial capital to work. (I didn’t have a computer at that time. Please ask three people to promote it together.). So the money spent) know what met a black boss, when I work for a month after the payment of wages in accordance with the contract when the black boss told us that a person with a monthly salary of half a month as.