Dew talk about two sessions during the webmaster can do related things

two sessions opened today, we as the webmaster to do, but is able to borrow two sessions, to make more of their own site flow up, and today I’ll talk about how to make use of the two traffic related matters.

1. Construction of two sessions related topics

What is the topic of

, that is, to build your own web site and not related to the content of the website to improve the flow of the website. Of course, if you do a good job, that is, during the two sessions, your ad on the topic will also bring you a lot of returns. This is only to see which of us to grasp, the opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared. We are looking at which major websites do not have two sessions of related topics, you may say, small sites in a topic to engage in it, there will be traffic?. This depends on which of you to operate. Not that big websites have large traffic, small sites do not have traffic?.

two. Grab the latest relevant proposals of the two sessions

there are too many proposals for the two sessions. We don’t necessarily pay attention to each of them. At the very least, we care about the things related to our website. As long as there is something new, we update him to the website. You may have to say, the latest relevant proposal came out, people big web site came out, we in update it up useful?. You have to seize the opportunity, such as someone to mention what motion, you pay attention to this person’s blog, QQ number, what, as long as you can find the place to care about.

three. Major forums stick to collect information

of course, the latest content, you have to go to the major forums to collect, and then organize in the release to their website, and finally in the major forums to post, lead to flow. Perhaps one or two posts, your traffic will suddenly increase. Sometimes you put some post content to sort out, is a complete information on the one hand, to major website submission what, maybe Sina can also included, is that your station can be famous for yo, we grasp.

four. Long tail keywords, don’t leave search engine

When we update the

NPC and CPPCC related content, please pay more attention to the long tail keyword optimization, let the search engine also included, for such a popular word, we can try, a popular word these NPC and CPPCC, if you can go to the first page, can be said to flow a day will take you to the station blow up. Do you speak more about advertising revenue?.

to sum up, we are not easy to grass-roots small and medium-sized, can lead to point of flow on the point, more points than always better. Here, I wish you all good luck, happy every day. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS website: