7 years T people my online business experience

this is my 7 year career it, real experience! 2001 I was a student and a classmate when I bought a domain name and virtual host, website called the fifth elements, the domain name ym99.com; because there is no computer he and I worked in the global Internet cafe three days and nights, finally put the construction of the website that time! Do traffic is very simple, is the best way to quickly get the bulk mail traffic, but we should also remember that time basically dial-up telephone line Internet cafes often lead to jam! The boss doesn’t know is because the mail by our group, here Despise Yourself! Mail sent, basically every day can bring traffic to the


said it was really very happy, but then we also slowly to slow growth in traffic and we feel dissatisfied; think of the chat room at that time the most popular chat rooms and arena chat rooms, so we have to be in full swing in the chat room advertising, but a very sad ending, not blocked IP is the title! So our website also appeared in a situation, send a message to IP, how much do not come;


since we graduated from University for 02 years, we went to Kunming to teach; during his management of the room with my network programming teaching work; that’s because learning network programming is very little, so I usually more relaxed. We put our website and forum, not yet at that time PHP was the most popular forum. The thunder Ao forum and Dvbbs! We chose Dvbbs, because ASP is simple and easy to get! Then get a chain like alliance like tai chi to help, we IP up to 9000! Was really very happy, but facing the problem again, the virtual host simply can not afford so much visits! Often can not open the thing, we just graduated have no money to buy more and better equipment! So so promising a station basically is not what breakthrough in the development of


2003, my colleagues went to Guangdong (afterwards just know cheated to do marketing to go); I also left, and a friend in Kunming opened the first Internet company in Kunming on network science and technology limited company, this time our main business is the construction site, the virtual host and domain name registration in the US! When registered several domain names mainly do the business, such as kk163.com kk169.com 98dns.com (the later lost) 88106.com, sddin.com kk163.com and kk169.com 98dns.com domain! Is mainly to do virtual hosting and domain name business this one! 88106.com main novels, sddin.com started the game site


that’s the Internet to a low peak to trough peak, coupled with the Kunming a lot of people on the network is not very understanding, often call to ask others to do, someone will ask: ">