A Baidu Ping push back Sitemap function realization

through the study of a series of Baidu’s recent announcement, more than two bucket notice problems, one is the Baidu Sitemap tool opened the first round of invitation test, Sitemap tool can help improve the website included; another is Lee on the original recognition problem when it comes to hope small sites can through the Ping mechanism of Ping to Baidu, so that you can distinguish between the initial time from the original author.

Web site management system

and the most popular non dream is, many webmaster in the group complained. Backstage can not automatically generate Sitemap, does not support Baidu Ping. According to this situation, more than the bucket improved slightly modified under dedecms background, the perfect realization of the two functions, then released under the tutorial:

Sitemap generates


dream also comes with automatic generation of background map function, but it is a column generation directory, and can not achieve what we want the Sitemap map, and there are a lot of other commonly used map generation tool, thus to upload, create, upload every day, very troublesome. So, the next generation more than fighting backstage to provide XML and HTML map format, file needed in the download link.

In the absence of

before modification, the generated column is this:



next, open the downloaded file, the most important step: to open all formatted documents other than the PHP file with DW and replace www.abc.com with your domain name (note all). The sitemap.htm and sitemap.xml files on your website template directory (the default is default), for example, my website template style is ABC, then the two file is uploaded to the root directory of the site under /templets/abc/, and then returned in the root directory, call the Dede file, (Note: is the background. Login directory, may have changed the name, background login is the suffix what would open that folder), first I have already modified the inc_menu.php file to the Inc folder on the cover, makehtml_homepage.htm, makehtml_htmlepage.htm, makehtml_xmlepage.htm of the three files in the template directory that template dede/templets (suggested that direct cover can be repeated), the last of the two PHP files in the Dede directory to the left.

background to generate the columns the dream weaving, you will find more than two map options, after opening, building a web site XML and HTML map operation is a very good,

> is not very convenient?