Brand or platform small and medium nternet entrepreneurs go from here

is written in the front: Reflections after the twists and turns

has been engaged in their own small website from March last year, some website profit is not because of their operation ability, may be just luck or excuse, just like the saying "just standing on the air, pigs can fly, I just accidentally stood in the small tuyere pig. But more websites don’t make money, and now think of some nonsense. Especially this year, the momentum of development is no matter before the agent is very good and the profit model has been verified by a well-known education and training sites, small sites themselves or after, there are fatal twists and turns. These twists and turns, let me gradually began to reflect on their original work has not started their own small web site, is not a right choice, but also began to think how to avoid some twists and turns. Among them, there are about small and medium Internet entrepreneurs platform and brand thinking, so write down and share with you. Because of my poor writing style, weak expression, some places did not say clearly, I hope readers forgive me.


platform is moving fast, but there is a risk of explosion,

platform here, that is, to provide content services mainly rely on search engines to obtain traffic website. This type of website, no matter what your profit model, the most original advertising, or what special value-added services, profit or good. But in any case, there is a flow in order to have income. Where to flow from the search, you will find that what micro-blog search optimization, marketing a variety of methods, like access to a web site traffic is very simple, in fact, if you master the basic skills, get traffic is not difficult, just rely on search engine optimization can get a lot of traffic, but if there is heart operation the process of obtaining, traffic and revenue is also very fast. In fact, at present, the vast majority of small and medium-sized sites, and even large and medium-sized sites of the main source of traffic is search engines, in this article, this website is considered to be a typical platform type website. The reason is very simple, the vast majority of website visitors from search engine to find the site, if one day, the search engine on your unhappy, your ranking all said, this site is basically dead; get rid of a part of the site, it lost a part of life. The corresponding income will be lost or lost. So, the website platform to see the search engine looks alive, although the search engine has a certain stability, but the risk always exists, especially in the China present a search engine a monopoly situation, it then spread to the adjustment algorithm, the site too much. So, do platform type website, keep the risk of explosion at any time.

brands have advantages, but it’s hard to do that,

in this paper, the brand can be the website, also can be the PC software or mobile phone software, regardless of what it is, they have a common point, that is mainly rely on users to directly access or social communication to get traffic. In other words, traffic is direct, user >