User experience is the cornerstone of the brand growth of the electricity supplier website

2011 is the year of the outbreak of the electronic commerce, the electricity supplier in this emerging industry after 10 years of precipitation finally ushered in the golden period of a large number of capital injection, whether personal or traditional businesses are crazy to invest in this market.

with the entry of capital, the rapid development of electronic business platform, category refinement, the evolution of the pattern is constantly changing the pattern of this field. In the increasingly fierce competition environment, the establishment of brand is of great importance to small and medium businesses without capital advantages.

electricity supplier brand, compared to traditional enterprise brand, there are many natural advantages. Active consumer groups, low-cost publicity costs to promote high-quality small and medium-sized businesses growing rapidly, and the steady growth of small and medium-sized businesses, without exception, in the user experience on foot.

these years we have been talking about the user experience, but in fact it has been promotion battle in the price war, and in the malignant price competition, not only damage the existing market environment also damages the consumers satisfaction.

what is the user experience, summed up nothing more than consumers in the purchase and use of products in the process of subjective feelings. The elements can be as the subject to elaborate, and in view of the superficial knowledge, can only give two examples to attract.

Taobao C shop "wooden wood three"

believes that many netizens know about this shop. At the beginning of this shop you might be into one, how so? Page two head Night pictures after just a segment of mood words, this effect is more like a blog? Look down the title did not do any so-called optimization, and even some baby title on the two words "Metrosexual descriptive"; the language is simple personality; no pre-sale service, advocate self-service shopping, and promotion of the mainstream method completely draw further apart. But this shop currently four crown, dynamic score higher than the average of 50% peers, evaluate the true feelings of the buyer and the words of blessing……

of course, we go to scrutinize, there are many advantages of this store, the store owner to optimize the brand personality to a point of appreciation. The first is to let customers feel new, further produce appreciation, and appreciate, in exchange for the vast number of loyal customers. This is worth learning individual businesses, but remember not to blindly imitate, beware of a poor imitation like a dog.


Taobao B shop "seafood Pavilion"".

below is a buyer evaluation I saw at seafood shopping mall. A first possession of the first poem, the first word is the link "seafood dealwell not bully Business Flourishes". A person is very elegant, presumably eat well, a great poet, then write a poem.

a "honest not bully" makes me feel very deep, when we see a number of evaluation, even if the product is good quality, it is the product itself the words of praise, rarely useful to "honesty".