Website design analysis leather city design summary of the line under the restoration


on the basis of clothing and apparel market, the leather dimension of the market strong marketing. To guide the buyers from the material dimension, with leather for leather to create quality Duitou, to push the deal, the leather market reduction line scene.


from the business needs of view, leather city will be built into a relatively independent, to leather as the core, leather (tide element) as a push hands high-end features market. Because fur and leather audiences are mostly female, women have become an important label in leather city design.

on the basis of the characteristics of the market design should be different from the traditional industry channel pages, to maintain relatively independent and prominent features of the wholesale.


In the exploration of

‘s preliminary design style, we disassembled the design of leather city into 3 directions, namely, color setting, texture application and structure layout.

1) color setting

explores the limits of WEB design in color exploration. Collect a large number of mobile terminal, marketing design, clothing design works, including the next line to the mall to find inspiration for design. Try to create a high-end, female based wholesale market atmosphere with visual perception.


analysis results: purple with gold brown to foil the market atmosphere, fit leather products temperament.

2) texture using

in the use of texture, we need to find a new starting point to mine the individual characteristics of the product. Make it different from the traditional channel page, allowing users to find everything new and new.


analysis: take a flat design style. Arabia designer Abu Naji believes that flat design is not just a fashion, but also a "against data overload revolution", is a change in the details of the purification technology.

3) structure composition

in the information structure layout, from the user experience point of view, reasonable control of information density and reading rhythm, flexible and prominent leather as the leading marketing strategy, enrich market information.


analysis results: a flexible modular structure is used to strengthen the information partitioning.


after grasping the big design direction, we use the deconstruction method to carry out the concrete design.

simple understanding, Deconstruction – untie and then make up. The famous architect Frank Gehry once said: "the architectural design should be.