What did the hype about throwing a brick baby girl bring to the website

two days, countless people in Guangzhou for a murder Marvel: a baby girl was born just one hundred and three days, eighteen days is a twelve year old boy playing in a high-rise rooftops accidentally hit in the head by throwing bricks. In this regard, the police helpless, relatives are difficult to get compensation.

"throwing bricks to kill the baby girl" incident, reported by Tencent and other media, aroused widespread concern in society. People in the hundred days baby prematurely leave the world, parents distraught and becoming a social problem at the same time, a city of high-altitude parabolic "head of security" threat to people again aroused heated debate. No matter what you think of the event, the media, such as the Tencent, won a huge victory. He succeeds in using the mentality of the public to say something about the things that he cannot see.

if the happy studio is an entertainment information website, or a Digg site, maybe I can follow the Tencent in the next few days and share it.

news always needs to be good at discovering and being good at hype.

throwing bricks to kill the baby girl, this incident was originally a little news in Guangzhou. 5 years ago, only the local news media in Guangzhou reported that only the people of Guangzhou, at most the Guangdong people would know about it, and then forget it in two days. But in the network developed a few days, the success of the Tencent he continues to heat up, attracting more and more people pay attention to this incident, the wider public to the girl’s father grievance, to scold the boy throwing bricks.

Tencent has been in the media for years, and he knows too much about the mentality of the people. It should be said that the current media are very understanding of the people’s mentality. They all know what resonates with Internet users. If you want to make a website bigger, you must be good at digging up news. There are often big media outlets that find small news in some places. But I don’t think it’s a big deal. So just look for a piece of symbolic publication. If you have a mind, you’ll find this kind of news everywhere. You’ve discovered it, and you’ve got some hype. The flow will follow.

so what about the benefits for your website,


first, watching news every morning is sure to be your habit. The best thing to do is watch TV news.

second keeps the habit of extracting news. Whether it’s useful or not, it’s always a good habit to extract.

third distinguish between primary and secondary, focus on effective news speculation.

fourth cannot cop-out, don’t think that the first day of the news of success, you give up second days of tracking. Heating is often more effective than initial warming.

fifth, if you really don’t understand, look at other people’s practice.

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