Weifang three major portals of feudal lords vying for the throne

for a long time without writing experience, has been busy in the work now, now I am personal webmaster, but it is not the website of Internet Co in Weifang fight a lone battle, has turned around, eventually joined a website, improving in this study, only to be mixed from something, not for the personal webmaster like die very miserably. The following brief analysis of the local big portal, to do portal webmaster friends learn from.

Weifang Raiders Alexa world website rank: 292223

"Weifang Raiders" life information platform, which belongs to < Weifang chase net Network Technology Co., Ltd. >. Is a set of network technology services company website construction, website promotion, e-commerce, website operators, server rental, software development in one, since the establishment of the company with advanced technology, Internet technology provides strong support for advanced business philosophy for customer, the company has cooperated with sina, china.com portal depth. Competition network adhering to the spirit of truth-seeking and innovation, respect for talent, pay attention to technology and services, development has been trusted by the vast numbers of Internet users and customers.

Weifang is currently the largest flow of portal, the unique Weifang search and most of all enterprises in Weifang yellow pages, ordering the phone, convenient information website does provide a powerful information query library for Weifang life. At the same time, Hong Kong and China gas bill department store, Xinhua Road Jiale home intersection advertisements everywhere, and often there are some activities. Day IP2 million, day visit PV20 million or so, the strong momentum of development.

advantages: strong publicity under the line, the highest flow, active efforts to survive

disadvantages: professional prominent, characteristic channel less, development direction mode to be adjusted, need to innovate

find my Chinese website, Alexa world website rank 489425

I was in middle school, also do not know what the Internet is when you have seen on television at the television interview for my Chinese network general manager Ms. Liu Xiaoning, about his extraordinary entrepreneurial experience. With the development of the Internet, and have a certain understanding of it, I began to use the Internet, Weifang local Chinese look for me on the net, because there was no other sites, so in a period of time, for I dominated Weifang, with over 800 thousand registered users, daily browsing was the highest breakthrough success the 50 thousand became Weifang local network chiefs, and in 2003 and 2005 survey on the Weifang internet report, I find the net rated Weifang netizens preferred website. In 2006, I was named as "excellent website of Shandong province" by the Shandong Provincial Information Industry Department (Shandong’s first e-commerce conference).

asked my general manager, Liu Xiaoning, to take part in the city shopping project and won the 2007 win in China, and stood out in the top 36 of the second season, but it was best not to create it for 5 years by founder Godfather Jack Ma