Talking about the method of using QQ to publicize websites

site built, it is necessary to start publicity, publicity for a lot of ways, and today I simply introduced the point I used QQ publicity to specific methods. Use QQ to search advertising, is a very direct and effective method, can directly search for QQ users, and then add him as a friend, then give him the explanation, to persuade it to join, you can also add QQ group promotion, the effect is very good.

1, find a single user promotion using QQ,

is the first landing QQ, open search function, this will be everyone, in the search dialog box, select advanced search, select your location of the crowd information, you can find a lot of online users. In the add each other need to verify your information as a friend when input "for network to make money plus interest in the verification of information, non just don’t add", and then identified, so that the other party to see your information on the network, if you are interested in making money he will pass and then you can give him the explanation, this way is very effective, and tested


2, find group user promotion using QQ,

is the same steps to open the QQ search function, select group of users to find the top choice in the dialog box, select the classification search in the pop-up dialog box, enter the keyword Wangzhuan behind there, key words, and then make money online search, will pop up a search ", which is in line with you keywords QQ group. And then later allowed to join will pop up a new page, you need to verify the information input, input validation information after click OK and then wait for him through, follow the steps to start with, after you began to publicize it, but to do a good job by the administrator T mental preparation oh.

3, using QQ’s group mail feature to promote

we have continuously added many QQ group, but not necessarily all through, then through some examples of several, we send in the group in group mail, I believe we will, here is not to say, everyone in the group will receive your e-mail, if there is interest you will naturally come to contact you, we assume a total increase of 20 QQ group, each group of 50 people, 50*20=1000, that is to say there will be 1000 people see this email, two to join, you can. Simple,


QQ on the publicity and write this, how do you slowly will know the skills, I hope to help everyone, a lot of publicity way ah, the key will be to see beyond count, you are not fine careful, wish you a speedy waiting for the money ah, add oil!!!

The above view is

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