Silent bitterness the website makes money lost the direction

has been with her girlfriend for 5 years, and never thought of giving her anything.

The 2004

family crisis, had graduated a year I had to enter the society in the family, the first job is not satisfied (because there is no diploma and ID) in association with the help I went into a small electronics factory as one of the most common employees. Every day is full of live, never thought how their life should go,


didn’t feel the pressure until she had a girlfriend. My major is learning computer, I like to get on the Internet and get out of work on the internet. My girlfriend didn’t understand this network at all, even QQ didn’t know anything. I became her most loyal teacher. From applying for QQ to adding friends until she can operate skillfully…..

because of this, I am not very optimistic about her, has never been good to her, she always felt that she did not understand anything, day by day, cold shouldered her. Rarely accompany her every day. Not even a decent dress has been bought for her even now. But she’s as good as ever,


2006 US resigned to her, she bought a computer with broadband network ready to let me in the big time (in fact, I will do a simple website, other what all don’t understand) may be in order to keep me in her home for a long time.

started for a month. I just talked and did nothing until one day I had only 200 left. Wantonly looking for money projects on the Internet, one day hanging foreign advertising, pull down the assembly line. One month later, my 200 guy went in and no effect. 10 Fen did not make any money. I asked for money from my family and took my girlfriend out to work. Do know a friend in Shenzhen to see him one day good selling space around residential broadband a month there are thousands of pieces of income in his hand bought the domain name space to do a BBS. As soon as you have time, update your website online. But what about those poor IP?. Often in the Internet bar on an overnight update site, second days IP only a few.

until now still do I work on the update, a day to spend 10 a few dollars cost update. But the site to my income add up to more than 2000. These years of investment in human resources. The website is always in the first place, and rarely even with a girlfriend. I lost my way to making money online. But what can I do without doing it?. My dream is all over the internet. I really don’t know what the direction of life is.

wrote that he wanted to do the last thing. Buy an American space domain name, do a little exposure, and make some money to make up for my girlfriend. I’ll be here with your company.