Zhong Zhixin use promotional information to lure users into trading on the site

in life, we can often see such promotional information such as: a clearance sale, by the end of the month, the entire 50 percent off, three send two etc.. The information does not relate to the thing itself, but it gives the customer an incentive to buy.

a lot of time, users browse product information feel good, but did not make a purchase decision. When you are hesitant, a regular promotion information may become the last to break through the user’s purchase of psychological barriers, prompting users to come up with wallets to buy.

promotion package composition and description, the final effect is to make the user feel unable to resist, if missed such a good opportunity, I’m sorry. We can from the following 3 points to consider how to plan their website promotion information. Predict what happened, please pay attention to Zhong Zhixin blog or webmaster heart bbs.

1, to put pressure on users (urgency)

pushes users to buy now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Now pull out your wallet. Users are not buying on your site today and may be purchased tomorrow at other sites, so users should be given time and urgency to put pressure on them. Promotional content can be limited or limited, in short, let users realize that such a good opportunity is now not seized, and then there is no chance.


is limited or limited, must let users believe, not like those that are on sale, is one to three or four years, the same clothes, the same owner, the same store, which can only increase the customers do not trust, and will not increase the sense of urgency.

2 appears at the right time and place,

read the product information is the time for the user to make a decision, at this time, to show users of these benefits outside the product, the most helpful to help users in hesitant to make the site’s purchase decisions. Some website promotion information on the home page, often displayed in temperament in the form of advertising, but when users go to another page, may have forgotten the promotional content web page display, this will lose a chance to convince users to buy again.

sometimes, different promotions are applicable to different products. If promotions are many, the product page should state that this product applies to those promotional accessories.

3, make good use of the word "free"

free is one of the most powerful marketing tools, such as free gift delivery, free shipping and so on. These can give the user a psychological comfort. This one of the trick, I believe that done shopping sites, or have done Taobao all know, this is unknown.

4 discount vouchers,


promotion information also emphasizes how much money is saved during the user’s purchase, how much discount is received, or the number of a direct cash coupon, which can be used by the user when paying. These discounts are in fact no more important than quantity, and discounts are a few discounts for users’ psychological differences