Tell me about my experience working in a newspaper website

I graduated from university this year. I have been to the news website of Xiangfan evening news, and the regional comprehensive website of Huangshi radio and tv. In the former work for nearly two months, said practice, basically no pay, but at that time hit an activity, gave me a MP3, in radio and television site work time is shorter, less than a week. The reason is that they are not prepared for the current strength, and it is not clear when they will be successful.

Although the

in the two unit of work time is not long, also didn’t get paid, these are not what, just for their work in the institutions are accustomed to the site when the newspaper, when the TV to do the Comrades. They really are a bit of a sense of crisis.

went to the newspaper website because he wrote an article about the development of the local network in the local forum, which attracted the attention of an evening news reporter. Because he was doing a special project on the local network. So he asked me out, during the interview, he did not expect that I not only wrote a lot of articles, there are some websites, and even income, and a graduate student is not commensurate with the status. So he added some of my experiences in his project.

L, the section chief of the

newspaper website, also met me, and after talking, he thought some of my ideas were good. If I do, I believe their website will have a good future. Before I graduated, he was ready for my desk. I have been especially want to work in this unit. Because there is no need to worry about money, work is easy. But the next two months, but I have a very happy.

L, although I am very confident on the website to do a good job, but he is not the site supervisor, the supervisor is director of the X, and he has been working in the newspaper for 30 years, but he is also do not understand the Internet. But because of his seniority, became the chief editor of almost everything, what he is said to calculate.

L Liang also frequently complained that the director of the X website do not always feel good, how to change the sense that gives a person is a newspaper. There is no web design basics, let alone what network operation, website promotion. So the website in addition to the daily evening news, daily gave him free publicity hardly do what optimization.

according to my ideas, I hope that the HJ network can become the largest local comprehensive portal website, but not limited to the news website. At the same time to find a few local businesses such as a breakthrough, let the local yellow pages, users contribute to us, the organization engage in some offline activities. But I think the end of old ideas.

, unable to practice

a month before the work, has been in the reception date to sign up. These work I think the general did not read the book all friends will do it. As a result of the Olympic Games, dating activities will be postponed for a month. Then I received one month. No other activities I held to leave, it is not stay


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