On the planning of stock websites

has gone through a long bear market, the stock market began to pick up, more and more people pay close attention to the stock market, and therefore often access to stock class websites.

because of the increase in attention, so that more and more owners have their own stock station, but the content is similar, it is difficult to develop, why? I will first analyze the common securities station type:

, a comprehensive portfolio of securities such as the financial sector, the Eastern wealth network, and the securities star.

two, like fund.eastmoney.com, such special fund property group website, specifically for the fund, has very strong pertinence.

three, is a common type of personal stock site, that is, membership fees charged, regular, not recommended on a regular basis dark horse what, and advertising everywhere.

then, take my personal insights into the pros and cons of these three types of websites:

the first kind of website: this kind of website is operated by large company generally, it is very strong, and the content of the website is very wide. The average user can find the information that he needs here, and the information is quite complete. But because of too much content, targeted not strong enough, sometimes find a little information for a very long time, maybe in the corner there; in addition, this kind of website is not our webmaster have the strength to do this, ignore.

second kind of website: this kind of website has very strong point of view, because it is fund station, ignore in plan stock station.

third website: this kind of website is often touted for their technical level, operation level is high, recommend a stock for a short time can earn much, but it is difficult to obtain the trust of users, to pay commissions to you, in addition, this method is not recommended legal.

here to talk about a new type of stock website: recommendation network analysis.

Why does

say this site type is new,


believes that there are many stocks have friends to see the bodies of Jian habits, whether from television, network or newspaper. Institutions (analysts) recommended stocks tend to get a lot of retail investors sought after, the stock also has relatively good growth, but some investors are depressed is that so many institutions (analysts) recommended stocks, exactly who to listen to good? Who recommended more? Very puzzled. Now, the recommendation network solved the problem analysis.

recommendation analysis net collection organizations recommended the stock, daily tracking analysis, hot project: recommendation summary (high recommended stocks, that is to say today about a stock, a number of agencies) yesterday, Zhou Jiangu gains income ranked recommendation ranking, ranking and recommendation agencies daily comment, the recommended stocks gain tracker in the short term respectively. Here, you can easily know which stocks are consistently good at the agency, which agencies recommend good returns, what stocks the agency has recently recommended, and so on.

views above are purely personal opinions