Like shopping to love websites my life is changing quietly

wrote yesterday that my dream is to have a website of my own and be audited by webmaster net. I’m very happy. This is my first work. Remember when I was in high school, my composition was not so good, and 30 points only got about 23 points. A few years later, I began to write again. No flowery words, no teacher’s comments, and no paper or ink. All you need is your passion, your persistence, your simple record, your history, your experiences, your experiences, your happiness and your sadness. In the webmaster network, there are a group of friends, in silent support and appreciation. I want to thank stationmaster net first, thank the friend in stationmaster net. Today, I learned a lot again. I don’t think I’m white today. Yesterday’s article, we read, I have seen it, I feel I am writing too messy, there is no logic. But my mood is now full of excitement. Today I would like to thank the L, soft white sand, Zhang Xiaodiu, Yan Zi, they gave me a lot of help, L gave me the website put a lot of comments, soft white sand and told me his experience, Zhang Xiaodiu told me they rally Yunnan webmaster experience, Zi Xin also told me how to build the local server. Say again: Thank you.

is looking forward to getting back to the old feeling,

got up early today, because last night I wrote the article submitted, do not know whether the audit did not; so early to webmaster network to see, alas, fifth really I wrote it?. Very HI, for himself a top. I know my title is not very good and it’s not attractive, but this is my first article, and I’m inspired. And told friends, they also read. Tell me your writing is poor, it is said, it really is not to write articles for several years. I hope I can get back to my feeling by writing articles and writing experiences. You’ll have 80 points for less. Ha ha, ~~

lives in changing

, I used to know about shopping, and my mom told me. Without a shadow all day, I’m sure I’m going out. Ha ha, in school, I also, as soon as possible, call several classmates together. And now I do, remember, Sunday, JAS told me to go to the supermarket, I said, you go. I haven’t updated my website yet. Adam said I was crazy, a day of many on the web site. I’ll see when you’re crazy. It seems like crazy. I seldom go shopping now, rarely go out, soon Indoorswoman. I’m really crazy about this website for women. When I saw the encouragement from my friends, I persisted. My website Baidu only included a page, I am a little discouraged, but friends say, this is normal, new sites are like this. Also see a lot of places that their station is the same, I can rest assured. And continue the way to my website. Although a green hand, but I have confidence. My life is changing, too.

surfing the Internet is changing

today, I’ve updated several pages of Web sites, and I’m going to talk about it