Dedecms markup tutorial beginners must read the template tutorial

The new version of

Dedecms (V5) template tags is very flexible, for many people is a headache, Tianya today these markers to talk to everyone, for everyone, modify the template to lay a solid foundation.

first we went to the official "template" to help document view these marker profiles, see how to help document it, here to Tianya simple to say, we take Arclist the most commonly used markers to do that.

help documents have [function description] [scope of application] [basic syntax] [attribute description] these parts,

[function description] used to explain the use of template tags, it is recommended that the novice are to mark these features to see, roughly to make an understanding.

[scope] since Dedecms templates are roughly divided into home pages, channels, lists, content, and other additional templates, the scope of use indicates which templates play a role in those tags. Template folder (Dedecms default template as an example, namely {cmspath}templetsdefault) we can carefully analysis, many of which are in the following template in these names index.htm, index_X.htm, list_X.htm (cover template) (list template), article_X.htm (content template), you can control the scope of tags, these tags can play a view in which the template.

[basic syntax] used to introduce the basic template method, in use, you can use to respond to changes in accordance with their needs.

[property description] these properties determine the content of your call and determine how Dedecms parses the form of these tags. Attributes are important.


introduced mainly for most beginners learn to see the help file, modify the template to most of the problems are used because they do not go to see the help file in the hope that the majority of new Dedecms warning.

just said under the classification of Dedecms template, engage in ASP should know, dynamic web page is basically on the variables and array (database) operation, and then through the statement output of HTML, dedecms of these markers is to have the same effect.


, the template is classified as follows:

. A variable operating here is different from that of variable complex variables in programming, people do not understand, I am here to point out that some variables are labeled, Dedecms call local content output here: [Flink (FriendLink)] [Page] [mark mark Pagelist] [Pagebreak] [mark mark Prenext >