Xu Xiaohui the story behind the first generation of programmers gathering

1, strongest team. Finally, I have time to remember something. Some things that become history need to be recorded before I forget. In November 12th, as a prelude to the "Golden Mountain 20th anniversary" celebration, "China’s software 20 years," "heroes of knowledge gathering again" Summit Forum held in Beijing. The event was co sponsored by Qiu Baijun and Wang Zhidong, and has been supported by many software predecessors. Guests: Wang Yongmin (five strokes), Wang Jiangmin (KV antivirus) (UCDOS, Bao Yueqiao, and Jane (Chinese Lianzhong) crystal dragon, Lianzhong), Wu Xiaojun (CCDOS2.13), Zhou Zhinong (natural code), Li Ruxiong (Federal software), and Zhu Chongjun (CCED), Su Qiqiang (Federal software) for you can’t come. It can be said that all of you represent the strongest lineup of Chinese software’s first generation programmers.

2, 20 years after the meeting. In 20 years, focused on gathering these predecessors is the first time for some people may be the last time, think of people feeling quite as China software industry pioneer, now they have become history by most people forget; even the media, these predecessors name is strange, so we can prepare enough to get background information on the early history of the guests. Memories of the past may not be the focus of the media’s attention, but for industry history, the gathering will be recorded in history. A few years later, if they were to describe the early history of Chinese software, their words and phrases at the party would be the best material for restoring history.

3, senior style. Accustomed to the late conference, we are ashamed of being on time. The summit is scheduled to start at 10, and guests will be here by 9:30. We had to hasten to greet the journalists who had not yet arrived, so that the forum could begin on time. In the VIP room, is not seen for many years old friends, busy being. In the face of reporters who occasionally break in, the seniors respond politely to questions, requests for video interviews, or photo taking. For many programmers or the sake of humility and tolerance behavior among the guests, the older style of its own.

Kingsoft 20 years summit forum guests (left): Wang Yongmin, Wang Jiangmin, Wang Zhidong, Qiu Baijun, Li Ruxiong, Wu Xiaojun, Zhou Zhinong, Lei Jun, Bao Yueqiao, Jane crystal, Chen Zongzhou.

4, the big star in the spotlight. 20 years ago, they were the men of the day, the idols of the programmers at that time. The forum was originally made "hosted computer" and founder of Chen Zongzhou is writing the "Internet history" of Lin Jun, but because of Chen to do a visa, I became a temporary guest host the opening topic, presided over or Lin Jun. In the opening words, I said: "this is the Chinese software for 20 years, but also Kingsoft 20 years.". In the past 20 years, the software industry China hardships along the way. Of these 20, both tenacious struggle rough, but also adhere to the dream of happiness;