How to improve the PR value of the site

Hello, my name is a network site launched in May 21st. It’s almost a month now. Baidu and Google are included. Each view has a number of growth, conceal his joy, but never say or the PR value is not found, Sogou also reluctant to search records? Don’t know where is the problem? Check some of the solutions, the first listed below and you explore:

to improve the PR value of some of the main methods:

1, login search engine and directory Links; don’t forget, if you can get from the PR value of not less than 4 and is associated with your theme or complementary website Links, and few outbound links, so better.

2, write some high-quality soft Wen, published to large web site, if you get the approval, your web site will be countless websites reprinted. This method for improving PR value, the best effect.

3, search engines included a web page number, if the included proportion is higher, to improve the PR value is more favorable,.

4, to provide valuable web content, and SEO optimization. To improve the PR value is also very important.

5, it is best to make web sites are three well-known network directory DMOZ, Yahoo and Looksmart included, if can be included, the PR value of the increase is very rapid,.

6, spend money to buy traffic, or go to QQ, go to the group, go to forums and other places where flourishing

talk about their point of view, for new sites, looking for PR value is not less than 4 of the site to do links, almost impossible, people simply can not see. Unless it’s

who knows

people login engine and classification directory work has already done, was included is a long unknown waiting process. Write soft, now more and more not,

, maybe more people. It won’t be that effective. Spend money to buy traffic, buy popups is a way, but not fundamentally solve the problem.

also asked some friends, they give the answer is whether the content of the site to attract I think the words are good, but the content to attract this is difficult to grasp the East

West, to attract also is not beautiful pictures ah AV, but in turn came up with the outside of the station does not live so that the content of the attraction is a

reason, but not the root cause. What can do now also is to be in forum post only, seek link to exchange, a lot of lead spider to patronize.

do not know, you have to improve the PR value of what good way?. Thank you very much for your help.