Some qualities that a web designer needs to have

"excellence is a habit", and in the design process, web designers will also show some of their good habits and bad habits in your design. If you want to become more excellent, and want to make yourself more progress, usually pay attention to accumulation of some good habits is very important.

I am good at observing.

designers often have occupational diseases, whether they are going out for shopping or eating or traveling, they will pay attention to some of the potential designs around them. Of course, there are also some occasions to go to high-grade, well-known places, pay more attention to observation. For example, you go to the German restaurant, the whole atmosphere will create a German smell, pay more attention to the collocation of fresco design, the wall of the restaurant on the packaging style and color, especially thick German taste etc.. Think much and try to figure it out. Don’t look down on these little things. It’s very helpful for us to make designs in our work.

two, do things to the extreme.

many web designers have such problems, when doing the "rendering especially in repeated place, do not stop the copy, in fact it is a very bad habit, customers can not see the real effect of the website, the website can not be such a true copy, copy and so the visual effect is very poor. There are customers who will make a bad impression on you, think web designers are dealing with work, in fact, this is not responsible for their own. As shown in the following figure, do not blindly copy and lazy psychology, we must develop good design habits, constantly improve and improve, to achieve the ultimate design.


three, wide knowledge.

web designer in working life to accumulate their own knowledge, enrich their experience, especially in the work of this nature network company, can be said that your clients may be medical, financial, shopping, beauty, manufacturing, military, education and training, tourism, catering industry and so on, as a web designer to learn more about their knowledge of information knowledge and expand in various industries. Many web designers think about this useful? If you don’t know what all, especially for enterprise customers in this industry do not understand the information, not only can let the customer knowledge and experience your jokes, and reduce your personal impression to the other party scoring, even because of what you don’t understand and not to timely the survey, the customer will think you pay attention to and to the work without the heart. The worst outcome could be the end of a partnership, which is possible.

remember that there is such a friend, he in the construction site to take over a denture manufacturing enterprise, we all know that is commonly known as denture dentures, denture denture of the title, so we should use the title when the production of the official website, is to use the word "dentures". But this friend doesn’t have the common sense. He writes two times when making a Banner map