O2O is qunsiqunshang Hurry up and change your mind Don’t be 2 anymore

these two days, the industry does not lack major news.


September 8th, Zhou Hongyi and the cool enmity detonated the eye. Although there are cool vice Dong Jiangchao is pathetic report before. (the poor people must be hateful), and swear to say "die" was the word, but if more sweet gum is not strict, the right and wrong, its own axioms. There is no more than two endings, or respect for an agreement, or a court meeting.

September 9th, Tim · Cook and the Chinese people to do "kidney trading", this time the cutting tool, is rose gold iPhone 6S Plus. But there are foreign media reports, in addition to a new color a year, Apple’s innovation may be bottoming out.

OK, OK, let’s go Gossip Gossip, industry to industry, we look at some time ago, the fire was not O2O, is now also began to let investors suck.

yesterday, the article said, because investors worried about being inserted "burn money" label, there are O2O companies actually asked to interview reporters, in the article do not mention "O2O"".

God, what Shidao ah. Only two or three years ago, BAT O2O to layout "buy buy buy!!!" seeflourishing notes, a large number of entrepreneurs are like a flock of ducks, just take a plan to dig out some number of registered users, the number of active users, the number of users and potential users effectively, and then make a package, Gong Gong Jing is Jingdi for investors: "well, this is my most valuable, but also leading yo!" superior investors only a glance, then smatter shouted: "Wow, so awesome!!!"

hot money blowing bubbles, but the wind has not come. It is said that at the beginning of the year net regiment got $600 million, a few months will be light, because each month to burn 600 million yuan.

burn money, how to do? No way, or continue to burn, or you play "stare". It is also said that a large number of helpless takeaway, car wash, massage, side dishes and beauty industries such as O2O company, the sound has not yet sounded, quietly died.

why? Because many of the O2O company, is a bridge between the "2", they can not afford to pick the line under the two "O", cinemas, restaurants, KTV, car wash shop, beauty salon, of course, which is not their own money, and burn out more customer resources. Not myself, today, tomorrow to go anywhere, leave a "registered user name" to do you want to read.

so, without your own "O", if you don’t have any money, you’re nothing. For 3 years, who remembers who BAT bought and who cares what the company is buying?.


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