Personal webmaster’s 6 years website construction road

has made the website for many years, a lot of emotion, from the beginning of the 02 year exploration site so far, go along the bumpy.

from holding books, know nothing, to every day in the network floated, design, site, operation, optimization…

also went to class, start their own business, and then go to work, and then start business, ha ha, and get very tired of their own ah.

see the webmaster online posts have brothers said their own experiences, also thought of his many years of experience, the initial design work, decided to resign after 3 years, began his entrepreneurial career, time is really free, nothing to do every day, take the yellow pages to contact customers, the courage to play in your heart good idea, call the strange phone: "Hello, I am…"

with "do not do", a clear break to drink, I finished my business dream.

heart that gas ah, God damn, you cannot politely


game, it’s popular QUAKE, open to kill, to say a Shun Shun Shun gas, which is 1 years..

later, a buddy introduced a client and asked for 2000 pieces of teeth. This site has been doing a month of pure static websites, and today it looks miserable,


has received several small stations to do, familiar with HTML, met flash.

2 years after

, successfully connected by a pure flash website, the customer is the North American furniture business, demanding, through countless sleepless nights, capture flash, as, with a year’s time to do a customer at the satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment of the flash station I looked at, at that time you know, to do is to do high-end, high cost, make things look comfortable.

06 years, the chance to know a SEO master, from drilling in SEO network research theory, while learning while experiment, their application domain name and space, the establishment of the first shopping website of their own, the huge investment of time and energy, steadily forward looking website ranking, see: do not mind do promotion, 100% dead.

later on when the customer changed the idea is no longer recommended beautiful beautiful station, to help customers analyze the network market, the development of Web site promotion plan, to help customers to buy a computer, even network, website, email. At that time I really wanted to open a counter in Zhongguancun, ha ha.

In fact,

customers on the site really did not understand that your guidance is too important, is to make a money, money and leave it? Or seriously help customers tailor-made market analysis,


we do website construction to have their own occupation morality, to live up to every penny, customers only in this way, the industry can do long-term development, do! Customers can always follow you, at any time to provide you with the survival and development of the