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operating websites need to file with the trade and Industry Bureau for double filing before they can legally operate

October 18th, stationmaster net news Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau implement business website real name system to expand the scope of the record, in October 12th the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau website "Beijing" 12th Five-Year "period of market supervision system construction plan" in the "12th Five-Year" period of market supervision system construction of the main task of eighth made it clear that the government management and self-discipline website combined to promote the healthy development of e-commerce. Within five years from 2011 to 2015, we will hold and expand the scope of filing of legitimate business websites, promote the real name system of operating websites and improve the transparency of operational websites. This provision seems to be not with the personal web site, but in fact it relates to the future development of the webmaster. Because the scope of the record of many expansion than in the past, including trading network of goods and services a high degree of aggregation of the enterprise; to provide goods and services online trading platform service enterprises; provide Internet access, server hosting, virtual hosting services. The three includes the type of site most of the nature of the business, means that in addition to the electronic commerce, IDC service providers, like virtual goods trading website online cards, all kinds of prepaid cards, as well as industry website, network to provide goods and services trading places and vertical portal community needs to Industrial and Commercial Bureau real name registration.

in the past, personal Adsense has become accustomed to the site for the record. No matter what you do, the website will be filed with the local authority. Although from last year, the implementation of the camera filing system, the filing process has increased a lot of tedious processes, but to long-term development, must be on the right track. Website record number already equivalent to the business license of individual website operation, it is the most powerful proof that the website is legalized. And like ICP, network audio-visual business license, license for operating audio and video products, Internet drug information service qualification certificate and other special qualifications, seems to have been a major site of proprietary, rather than individual owners of small sites can reach. However, with the transformation and upgrading of individual stationmaster, entrepreneurial orientation is changing, more stationmaster development to the electronic commerce, industry website, local portal community and other direction, involved in Web business qualification is also more and more, all kinds of license has become a necessary qualification website. The introduction of new regulations Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau if also gradually implemented in other parts of the country, so there will be more sites not only to have the qualification of all types of Internet operations, also need to record to the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau website for personal webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs, as long as the future development relates to the nature of the business, to a certain scale of development, essential business Ministry of Information Industry Bureau and the dual record.


website for the frequent pattern into the "Public Security Bureau signed"

in the website routine filing, recently is also a variety of new regulations frequent. The first is the number of October 13th came Guangdong personal website for the new record over 5 must be improved, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority website for individuals filing issued new regulations, from October 10, 2011 onwards, personal websites.