Novice to do three things wrong to make WangzhuanOnly Dangdang send gifts at the end of

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

this kind of friends know little about the network, but have to do Wangzhuan, but poor foundation, a long time can not see Wangzhuan is what registered projects get a long time or not registered, for the novice I want to say, you still don’t want to put it. To understand the basic knowledge of computer, and then start doing too late.



gift certificate is universal, and only 1 coupons can be used for 1 orders.

– certificate issued: 08 in February 1st, will be issued to the coupons containing "comply with the above rules, and the success of the transaction fanquan to Dangdang not less than 31 days’ orders account;

no freight specific rules:

gift certificates cannot be used in conjunction with VIP discount cards;

1. department store full 100 return 30 yuan A coupon activities:

this kind of person is if Wangzhuan comes to, as long as one to get the project started to wait to do early is not well prepared to do later, there is not problem is that there is a problem, if you asked him if you can? He will answer "I do". In fact, I can only vaguely, do Wangzhuan early also made this problem, what do the results do Wangzhuan, later found what the money did not earn, then go astray, just do one or several Wangzhuan, do fine, still can make money.

three, dazed, ignorant,

* certificate gift instructions:

gift certificate begins with: BH, par value: $15;

above activities, stores are not participating in the store, Dangdang has the final interpretation of the event.

website also has two months, how many a little bit of experience, some of their actual summary, some are learned through communicating with friends, my website is in Wangzhuan give priority to, so I can communicate with colleagues and some Wangzhuan, the monthly income of tens of thousands of master, also to food than I the rookie. I found the biggest difference is our master and rookie in Wangzhuan project choice, just like we do Wangzhuan people always think what to do? It also don’t know what to do, many of the great variety of Wangzhuan type at a loss, I summarized the mentality of a novice do Wangzhuan. We discuss and write out.

– currency cash use can participate in Dangdang fanquan activities.

two, eager for instant success,

2. Christmas New Year gift free shipping activities:

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I want to just contact Wangzhuan new friends are more or less these psychological, maybe you are not aware of, but once you become a master, you will find your first mistake, on the other hand, this may be a process of novice growth must experience it, I have experienced this stage so, I think the couple friends say these things is not terrible, as long as we do in the process of doing, pay attention to summing up the experience of their predecessors constantly practice absorption Wangzhuan, one day you will be successful Wangzhuan circle.

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December 6, 2007 orders from 0, the orders included in the department store merchandise cash amount of more than 100 yuan including 100 yuan, send 2 15 yuan A coupons, do not buy more, return more.

• urgent, EMS, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas orders;

shopping over 20 yuan, and the order contains Christmas gifts, zone goods enjoy free shipping discount;

Ordinary domestic express /

does not take part in free shipping orders:

this psychological fact that many newcomers have, I also had this kind of typical performance is a novice Wangzhuan project, this project is the first to ask how much money, earn more than once, think not to earn what money, as soon as a despised attitude. I met several people asked me, at first I patiently explained, after asking many, I do not bother to explain, I want to do Wangzhuan and other industries, there must be a process of accumulation of early, come up to ask can make a lot of money, it also doesn’t do not do that finally, what did not make.

Christmas, New Year gift section of the goods, commodity details page, commodity name marked with free freight logo merchandise.

from the www.zk86 network to the original.

no freight range:

gift certificate: valid from 0 in February 1, 2008 to 24 in February 28, 2008;

– shopping full 20 yuan mail orders, if not to buy Christmas gifts area of goods, freight will be 2 yuan / single.

– use coupons orders do not enjoy preferential freight Domestic Ordinary Express / use coupons mail orders, freight will be 5 yuan;

– the shopping amount less than 20 yuan / ordinary domestic express mail order;

– use the coupons / Dangdang coin ordinary domestic express mail order the order of freight will be 5 yuan / single;


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