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Wangzhuan "lazy" thinking? We all know this sentence: the world is created by lazy. When we are too lazy to do certain things, we can create a tool to work for us, thus saving a lot of time, and the symbolic tools and promote the development of the society, promote social progress. Therefore, this society is created by lazy people. So in Wangzhuan "lazy" thinking is how to define? Oh, it is actually very simple, Wangzhuan in "lazy" is actually thinking themselves to begin to operate projects, all things are by someone other than us, and what you need to do, is a behind the scenes manipulator, the whole operation process of the project controlled by their own forces. Listened to a lot of people might be a bit vague, then I will talk about the specific operation under the "lazy" thinking in the Wangzhuan project in operation.

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Wangzhuan in "lazy" thinking

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polite statements, no more statements, straight to the subject. Let me give you an example of the whole operation of the project and explain the concrete application of "lazy thinking". A project such as we need to use the operation site, software and so on, these technical things for beginners is one of the first two, a large number of website source code of a few days and nights have been unable to get anxious, looked profitable but not practical project. What should we do? By this time, we will change our thinking. In fact, the method is very simple, it is to find skilled people to help us do things. Do not know how to do web site, then go find people who will do web site to help us do Bai! Where to find? Of course, the Witkey platform to find above, the above cheap technology, labor force is too numerous to cite. We only need to set out the conditions, what kind of website, what function of the website, and then lost tens of dollars to those who engage in technical, OK. Our website works. Solved the problem of website, next is flow. I cite is the use of mass flow to do at this time, there will be a novice will ask, I do not want to mass software? I can’t find the software, continue to play to my master, I just need this software can play the function of what kind of talk with them, then we have to fix him by. When our website and traffic are good, then our project should be able to function. In the application of "lazy" thinking, we are the trader and controller of the project. We only need to control the core of the project, and other technical activities directly for the technical people to complete for us. Play nets >

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Wangzhuan Wangzhuan essence know more than half a year, is the most important thinking, especially in Wangzhuan "lazy" thinking. Do not know how to do Wangzhuan any technology just joined the ranks of the Wangzhuan? Many novice friends always have such doubt, today I am here to teach people not a new technology can also operate Wangzhuan ideas, hoping to help get new friends, the trick is to use the operation of the project: "lazy" thinking.

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