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Chinese online chairman Tong Zhilei said, first, fancy digital publishing prospects for the future, two is looking at China Telecom platform, resource advantages.


Tian Shubin said, Tianyi high degree of reading market, institutional mechanisms flexible, in addition to the introduction of strategic investors, and now has a listing plan. Xinhua will give full support to Tianyi reading, speed up the rhythm of the wing reading.

as the China Telecom’s reading company, Tianyi reading offers three screen dual media mobile phone screen, computer screen, TV screen; graphic media, sound media digital reading genuine products and services, the company has Tianyi reading, oxygen listen to the book, "the book house" three big business brand.


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‘s investment Tianyi reading, xinhuanet President Tian Shubin said, two years ago, by PC in xinhua net and read the contents of the user account for relatively large, but with the PC users to the mobile terminal of large-scale migration, in the mobile Internet era, the China Telecom is moving into an export platform, with large-scale platform users, channel resources. The integration is very obvious advantages, the injection has a broad development space.

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July 21st, China Telecom group company and Beijing Chinese online digital publishing Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangsu Phoenix publishing media Limited by Share Ltd, xinhuanet Limited by Share Ltd, Tianyi Reading Culture Communication Co., Ltd held Tianyi reading the introduction of strategic investment partners signing ceremony in Beijing. It is reported that the strategic investment, three media China Telecom’s company Tianyi reading investment 138 million 920 thousand yuan, accounting for 20.7% stake after the capital increase.

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according to the announcement of state-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, Tianyi reading platform graphic content over 320 thousand copies, covering books, magazines, comic books, information and other original content, registered users exceeded 200 million; oxygen listen to the book over 50 million registered users.

Abstract xinhuanet, Phoenix media, Chinese online three strategic investors, the China Telecom’s company Tianyi reading investment 138 million 920 thousand yuan, accounting for 20.7% of the equity capital after reading Tianyi, the parties will put their resources, to provide support for the promotion, channel marketing, copyright operation and enterprise management and so on.

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