The PayDotCom model introduces powerful foreign sales alliances wish you a happy new year nine wins

vacation time for February 5, 2008 ~2008 February 13th, February 14th official work, the Union has for all the webmaster during the Spring Festival contact sufficient advertising, the webmaster can rest assured that the spring festival. Click on the links and holiday CPA data will be suspended during the import, import data will be unified in the post working day.

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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

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PayDotCom recommend upgrades also profitable, each recommend a member upgrade, you can get 20$profit. But it is virtually impossible to sell people in china.

as sales, I think the most important thing is to find a direction and stick to it for a long time. It’s ridiculous to waste a lot of time talking about the advertiser’s reputation in the forums. On the credibility of advertisers, on the one hand, I will make friends based on past experience, and more importantly, I will be based on their own set of programs to analyze, and not all rely on other people’s evaluation.

2008 Spring Festival approaching, nine wins all my colleagues wish you a happy new year, good health, a successful career, family fun!

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

PayDotCom sales promotion in a lot of ways, but if you want to sell a product, relative to the blog, or write a special soft text, the effect may be better. There are also ways to use widgets

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alliance will also arrange on duty staff to process messages online regularly. Advertisers have problems or contact people on duty.

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people’s understanding of foreign sales Union may only stay in CJ, CB, for PayDotCom, this alliance is seldom introduced. I shlf1314, Chinese Webpage for the introduction of PayDotCom are basically the same replication of the text, and the text for the introduction of the PayDotCom, is the translation of foreigners, some definitions are explained in a mess.

PayDotCom model and CJ similar to CPS, compared to CJ some shameless advertisers, but I love PayDotCom. I don’t mean that every advertiser in PayDotCom is reputable, but in terms of payment, whether it’s style or credibility, I prefer PayDotCom to a much greater extent than cj.

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PayDotCom registered address:, registration is very simple, fill in the personal data can, here I just do the introduction.


;     PayDotCom profile: a. The

software, sales and service classes are my main business blocks for PayDotCom. From the PayDotCom model, we all know that PayDotCom, CJ, CB in the country to do basic is not feasible, except the very small business block. Some time ago to do CJ host referrals, the use of Chinese resources to do the station. But the effect is not satisfactory. PayDotCom do, I suggest or use English station or English BBS do, of course, some of the bidding method, PayDotCom is allowed, just as do CJ almost, here is not much to do the introduction. PayDotCom is usually very high in terms of pumping, more than 50%.