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online education can not copy the general Internet thinking

of course, this may still be behind the Chinese investors figure, "the market is the competition between the Chinese themselves."." The mobile phone company in India has been aware of this situation. The ship of fortune, the head of the India factory, li >

Since the introduction of Samsung from

"currently in India set up factories related mobile phone companies nearly 100, the next 3-5 years, mobile phone core components manufacturers will gradually move to India, India mobile phone industry chain has begun to take shape."." In India, Yang Shucheng, Secretary General of the association of Chinese mobile phone enterprises, seems likely to become a new manufacturing base after China, India.

two weeks ago, the Shanghai school recruited the first batch of employees in the region, with a monthly salary of 500 yuan about 5000 India Rupees, which has been a good income in the field of labor in India. "The last time the recruitment, a large number of people around, the gate, the road is not through, the police are here." Wang Xiuchun, head of India Shanghai school, told Tencent technology.

and those on the strength of the domestic ODM manufacturers, such as wingtech, dragon flag and Tianlong company, research in India after a consideration of China and India complex customer relationship, nominally withdrew from India, but by some obscure form in India. For example, the current monthly shipments of 1 million units of the smell is still, and its boss and smelling Thai boss is a brother.

one day in March, at noon, China mobile phone ODM company in India, Shanghai new factory door, twenty or thirty local job hunting young people containment in this, for a long time reluctant to disperse. Although the factory has clearly inform the recruitment suspended, but these young people still insist on squatting, only to receive a priority chances.

in 1995, the mobile phone industry in India has not seen such large-scale recruitment for a long time. Now, a lot of young people gathered in India, Chennai and Mumbai, Noida plant, working for the Employer from China.

learning is not an overnight thing, step by step, so we can not only do the "point", but to the user to learn a certain skill to do the line and surface, for the user, he got the learning process of all-round series step by step. On the other hand, fragmentation is the unique advantages of the online mode, we can see the translation at any time in the English did not know when the words, we can also see a micro course in waiting for the elevator 3 minutes, for office workers, the use of fragments of time is a kind of trend.

Internet practitioners for many years, only to participate in the field of online education, only to feel the difficulty of this industry. Before doing video, do portal, do electricity supplier, have never had this line troublesome. Online education, a lot of fog water is very deep, although all of it coveted, but want to bite off a piece of hard bone is not easy, the relevant domestic products, mostly in the scratching, still can not solve the fundamental problem, the industry for disruptive innovation.

how to learn is more important than learning

as early as four years ago, Chinese mobile phone industry started across Southeast Asia, including brands, on behalf of the business, parts suppliers batteries, chargers, packaging business, material suppliers and so on, have entered India, welcome by the local labor.

education services are teachers and students, first of all need to receive the teacher’s approval, and must bring practical help or reward for the teacher’s teaching. For students, the definition of online education is online learning, this is the only demand, how to make learning become effective is the ultimate goal. People want to learn more knowledge and skills at the expense of less. It is not just downloading books or watching videos, but combining teaching and learning, creating a learning atmosphere and setting up a learning culture.

is a prerequisite for systematization, fragmentation is the advantage of

teacher-student relationship, learning atmosphere is the bottleneck,


online education solves the problems of teaching and learning

teaches people to teach. Classroom interaction, homework, one-on-one counseling, seminars are common forms of learning, online learning also requires a rich, interactive teaching and learning atmosphere, to let the user feel the face is a person, not a machine, is also good mentor friends, this is a spontaneous learning organization, I am not learning, but "we" in learning.

I’m going to spend 3 months learning English 4

most of the Internet products model mature, single form, to meet user demand is relatively easy, relatively speaking, online education product form is more complex, the user’s expectations are higher. In addition, few people can digest two industries. I found that IT people and educational people are totally different in point of view, IT people do not understand education, education can not pass IT, the most terrible is that both are willing to start from their own point of view. In fact, the essence of online education is education, online is only a means, fun education, "means", but also smart, there is a chance.

is a type of Shanghai after new members, in March 2016 began construction in June this year, the new plant in Noida Shanghai will put into production, the annual design capacity of 15 million units, the first batch of customers China millet and India Micromax.

Chinese mobile phones have changed the mobile phone industry in India from the whole industry chain. It includes two ways, one is OPPO, vivo and Jin model, production, processing and sales of integrated internal circulation, the majority of suppliers long-term business partners, mutual help to play the market; the other is a ODM mobile phone OEM mode, including Chinese smell and wealth of the boat and is Germany, and Taiwan Foxconn, Flextronics similar OEM OEM products in India.