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, born in the south of Jin Zhixiong, has a pragmatic spirit of doing business and pays attention to economic returns and returns. So although both startups are all

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if entrepreneurship starts like a gamble, then the process of starting a business is like sucking opium. Flying in the prices and prices, the middle class is also very careful as living in a big city, they venture seems to be a way to achieve financial freedom and dreams of the fastest, but also many people a spiritual opium, as if still in business, those beautiful illusions about the future will never disappear.

but when the bubble is broken, it will always be a reality. Feet on solid ground can survive in this world.


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, who has 6 years of entrepreneurial experience, is clearly the former Jin Zhixiong. 6 years, he has served as the founder of game companies, manufacturers recall had to give up the steady income, causes to plunge into the tide of entrepreneurship, Jin Zhixiong’s answer is unapologetic: "I was young, is directed to the listed enterprise. In addition to ideals and feelings, financial freedom and economic income should not be neglected. If it is purely for ideal and feelings, why not to do NGO? "And he added:" only with this idea of business people, investors might not dare to put their money to you, because the company is to consider the benefits of investment, no return to do

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According to IT orange data, as of January 2017, a total of 1390 start-up companies closed down. During the craziest years of entrepreneurship, a small number of successful people were rushed to the top of the wave and attracted much attention. What is overlooked is the "losers" who have been chasing the waves and are still engulfed by waves. They are silent as if they had never appeared before.

as we approach the entrepreneurs who look for new opportunities after continuing their careers, we know what entrepreneurship means in a person’s career.

in the process of starting again? What are they looking for in their hearts,

recently, we were surprised to find that the past two years, there have been 980 founder startups looking for new jobs in the 100offer, and "too tired", "chilling" and "old" these words are from the end of business after they hear the words.

most people entrepreneurial ideas, is in young when caught up with the mobile Internet outlet, according to the decision factor to bear inner restlessness of it. And the initial heart of entrepreneurship has two versions of reality and ideal. The real version is for the company to appear on the market and realize financial freedom. The ideal edition is for the sake of self fulfillment and influence others.

first, the initial heart of Entrepreneurship: financial freedom or self achievement?

2016, the cold wave is raging.