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then, Wang Shouyi’s old man came to Zhumadian with his son, Wang Yinliang, and settled down. They are still in accordance with the past in the home when the method to run, because thirteen incense halal condiment Wang Shouyi brand of good quality, good name, reputation is protected

taobao Amoy arena is a SNS optimization effective attempt of taobao, although not perfect, Ma has also been explained to build Taobao ecosystem, "word-of-mouth marketing" can not be ignored, micro-blog interactive marketing advantage that Taobao SNS advanced the concept of thinking, Amoy arena crashed, too focus on shopping experience, new things always give people a lot of room to fall into a reverie once you have lost, can not get the kind of urgent psychological, shopping community needs, from Amoy arena, including Taobao or Taobao and Taobao 800 billion passenger face the temptation of goods, everyone wants a piece!
"the Internet is changing all the time!" Yesterday, still say to do so, the largest platform Moumou community website, portal owners Moumou, now already disappear without a trace site has been covered with weeds. How do Taobao customers face the challenges of more and more competitors, as well as the continuous renovation of Taobao’s own rules, changes, and how to cater to Taobao SNS? The user experience is always the fundamental things, word-of-mouth marketing, user experience is the transformation of the way, the best is good, we will seize this point, do not deviate from the following changes. The development of
now most Taobao guest website, basically through the website and consumer dialogue and guide consumers to click

that being the case, selling spices is the best way out at the moment. Wang Shouyi said, according to the seasoning recipe, using 20 kinds of pure natural herbs spices, according to the tastes of modern people, further improved, the preparation of a new seasoning, named "sweet thirteen".

Wang Shouyi believes that all things "letter" for the first, in order to win the reputation of Wang Shouyi, specially in the pack on the seasoning covered with "Thirteen incense" four seal and Wang Shouyi’s own name. The seal cover has size, can Baotuibaohuan, credibility is the guarantee, and walking route puerile, 1 horns and 1 pack. Through this way of operation, "Thirteen incense" was soon welcomed by the masses. At that time, the "Thirteen incense condiment only in Tongxu County and near the bottom, four floor, Cui Jiao, Taikang County town on a South Gate and several stalls selling, no transport, rely on two legs through the streets, regardless of seasons, winter and summer, Wang Shouyi never stops.

The history of

to solve the livelihood of arduous pioneering, and eventually from the dark to bright

in Wang Shouyi’s rich experience, people may find that the old godmother has a lot in common: 32 years to different approaches but equally satisfactory results in an industrial field, fake zero tolerance, product quality excellence, not listed, financing, loans, credit and debt, is almost a mold carved out the".

products have been developed, but people at that time were difficult to solve the problem of hunger and satiety, not to mention buying spices, how to open the sales market, Wang Shouyi became the first problem to be faced with.

thirteen incense can be traced back to 1959. When the outbreak of the great famine, Henan has become the hardest hit, the day for the whole family, old and young livelihoods and worry about Wang Shouyi, and dug out the ancestral recipe. Prior to this, Wang Shouyi has found a secret sauce recipe in diet, he was on the seasoning was studied, but that is their use of spices, sometimes sent to relatives and neighbourhood, but did not expect the acclaimed.

said it’s easy to do, difficult to put the small seasoning to the industry first, become a well-known national brand, the hardships behind it far beyond ordinary people imagine.

relies on only 100 yuan of initial funds, in a humble field for 32 years, hard 3 dollars of seasoning into adult 1 billion 600 million big industry. Adhere to only one field of seasoning, although each box is only 8 cents meager profits, but a year to the country pay taxes 170 million yuan.