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second Wangzhuan is known as Amoy. Amoy active place I believe many senior people know that A5 had this section, convenient Amoy and businesses to exchange, to obtain the maximum benefit. Some do well Amoy a monthly income of 100 thousand yuan is completed can be done, such as the store monthly sales accounted for Amoy turnover reached 20%, ranked first in the number of transactions in the 2000-3000 month of Amoy, so light a shop to get the Commission reached 50 thousand yuan, the monthly income of 100 thousand yuan just two stores can be a good job. I have done before a period of time of the guest, is through the simple send some new micro-blog promotional information, or the corresponding section in the portal released some of the more attractive post, with model pictures and links to read people click into the purchase, you can get a commission. But each guest at the category is not the same, such as some relatively good women, beauty, and some are good at bags category, not necessarily all of the operating methods are suitable for each class, because the traffic is limited, only enough accurate positioning of the crowd, the conversion rate will be high. It’s like drilling and stretching. Everyone will

Wangzhuan in today’s Internet era is very fashionable, if engaged in the Internet industry have not heard of this, or do what is not associated with a little Wangzhuan, OUT. Many people have achieved monthly income of 6 figures through a computer and a cable net, which is inconceivable to many wage earners, because many people can not reach this figure in one year’s income. Therefore, there are several Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? How to play well? This is indeed a lot of grass root has been a topic of painstaking research, and some have surfaced.

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, c have some understanding of the education, examination and training industry. What are the major exams in China each year? What kind of things and information do the examinees need? We all need to know fairly well. See this, we can also understand, and this is certainly not a person can complete, so you need a team, well, here we talk about profit model.

4, profit model three: conducting offline lectures and training. This is the highest profit kind, we can sort out the information, contact the teacher, contact users for offline training and lectures. Some people in real ricken spend 300, but refused to spend 30, because he feels it is virtual, not true.

in China with the growing popularity of the network education and training websites also have a very big market, China’s large and small test including qualification examination such as too many to count, the computer level examination, judicial examination, CPA examination, certification exam exams such as Cisco exams, so with the development of distance education in our country. How to develop the education and training should go to the website? How to profit model? Here are some of my humble opinion:

above is my brother to education training website profit model of some thinking, is not very mature, I hope you can correct me.

5, four profit model: users need data on a CD or printed, online sales.

2, a profit model: the development of VIP members, provide excellent teaching materials for users to share, and in addition to VIP members can enjoy the information, should also have excellent free information sharing, it is also a process of training the customer.

a to strengthen the user experience, to do the most important thing is the user experience, which is also a good foundation for website profit. B do SEO, traffic is the basis of a web site, we must have traffic guarantee.

I know the first is to do Witkey wangzhuan. The first is for submission in zhubajie registered account, then the price is relatively low, 500 words 2.5 yuan, have to deduct 20% of the Commission, it was 2 yuan, if the withdrawal will be charged 1.5 yuan each of the charges, so to be able to earn was pitiful. This is why as a part-time Wangzhuan, registered in the pig for more than 2 years to reach the level of five pigs. But although do Wangzhuan only two years time, but I have to focus on online cooperation, such as in the pig above the cooperation of the user with the , can be removed from the line of cooperation, the Commission of 20%, and the rate is relatively high, can be Alipay daily, so the efficiency will be a lot of high. Because cooperation is a long time, so in credit is no problem. The author in 2 years time, earned nearly 60 thousand yuan, are using amateur time to complete. In addition to open shop in the pig, Taobao also opened the shop, dedicated to the user to write articles, this way has more security, it is also another important source of remuneration.

3, profit model two: online training and lectures, relying on video and audio, online training and lectures.

1, first of all, before making sure the profit model, we should make the following changes in our website: