The relationship between the webmaster and the league; personal insightsWeb site operators Mo Yan le

today we are from various aspects in terms of how to improve the site’s popularity.

as a site, how should we do to the user’s enthusiasm to call up?

"community management" what do you mean?

is our website to build into a virtual society, form an interactive way to communicate. Our users can directly participate in activities and share a variety of themes, etc.. Better let users participate directly, allowing users to express their more active and share the opinions of others, thus forming a kind of interactive mechanism. So this is called "community management"

to read the game information that must be "17173"

in these sites, they all have their own specific access population, industry area is belong to you.

them through website news content, we can find through careful analysis. They make full use of their own website to access user reviews, actively communicate knowledge to mobilize members of the industry..

reflected in this website for the authority of the industry, let a person feel to see what content will go to the site.

"integration of 3 party interactive circulation" what do you mean?

my seat

1, valid user: data integrity reaches 40%. Verify mailboxes, upload photos, and filter the same IP.


2, upload photos: upload more photos, and through the review.

policy has been promulgated, there are a large number of cheating users come in! By method of pulling the router! A day easily hundreds, and set up their own group, as did, the group of people are very excited, I think, at that time, those people with the router may continue to restart restart restart ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. This user group members bring what is the use of registration, when landing time will never come! I think this is a deception, all the webmaster, if this is your site administrator, you will continue to develop such people! So we modify the effective immediately! Membership requirements:

2, upload photos: upload more photos, and through the review.


take our website for "happiness" oh! In order to avoid saying I do advertising! I have a say, we clone website is a website for the purpose of making friends, each valid user defined our alliance for the owners to pay 1 yuan Commission, there are two active users, respectively. Is:

1, valid user: the definition of valid data is to fill out the basic information, internal monologue, review the photos, verify the mailbox, online longer than 30 minutes, and filter IP

I would like to express their views on the relationship between a little webmaster and alliance, an alliance between the webmaster and in fact, is nothing more than the interests of the relationship in the drive, the alliance needs to promote the webmaster; need League to make money, but why in the big and small on the altar to see most of the deduction amount,. The problem, I think many of the Union did not want to do, but to do so, it is called alliance promotion, is the hope that the station will bring benefits to the alliance, if a webmaster do the volume is very high, but there is no interest for the union, so the long distance is not far away this bye! A large part of the reason is because the owners take advantage of loopholes to cheat union regulations. The alliance is also struggling to find a point that benefits both the station and the alliance. If a webmaster brings a lot of money, and at the same time these quantities also bring benefits to the alliance, then the alliance is not K you anyway

! With a long line of more than 30 minutes, at least let you * * * * webmaster registered a number to be 30 minutes, this time, many webmaster and cried, "Oh! Do! How to live ah!" a part of the webmaster * * * * out but this is! No end, as the saying goes, there are measures under the policy, some owners have a new idea, or pull the router registration, the registration of a N number! Then open N browser on time, a group of a group of > although we do!