Startups that solve the pain of short rental services around AirbnbCollege students to buy regional

"the Internet in Jiangmen is very much."

was studying, she was full of curiosity and longing for her work. There are campus recruitment, she often asked to bring their own brothers and sisters to see the world. During the first summer vacation, she got a job as an e-commerce company in the identity of a high school graduate. Before the interview, she one day ahead of the Capitol, second days ahead of time two hours to reach, in order to advance on the identity of employees and some customers began to exchange. Faced with such a 19 year old high school graduate, the interview manager accepted her directly. She became a client representative of HC, a listed company.

"raise the competition threshold,"

Engler hopes that while simplifying the entire process for the Airbnb landlord, he can also help push the service to a new client. He’s aiming at "the whole middle market that never used Airbnb," like people like his parents

two months later, she became a member of the company, becoming the company’s more than two thousand employees of the youngest official staff, but also the full-time staff with the shortest possible time.

her name is Wu Anran. In June 24th, she founded the Jiangmen local group buying website, "0750 regiments", and she was 4 years old. Last year, her group buying online trading scale exceeded 20 million yuan.

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, Randy, ·, Engler Randy faced a difficult problem. As early as 2012, too many people wanted to rent his apartment in West Village, New York. At that time, he just quit executive technology company, and his wife had to go on holiday to relax, but on the contrary, he hurried through the Airbnb service rented his apartment tenants — before leaving the last minute booking house cleaning service, in addition to persuade when Starbucks barista will help him apartment keys to arrive late tenant.

it was a painful experience, but it inspired an entrepreneurial idea. In April 2013, he launched a Property Management Company for renting homes through websites such as Airbnb and HomeAway. Proprly mainly provides key delivery and cleaning services, which eliminates the need for landlords. In the first year of its establishment, Proprly’s orders in the local market in New York reached thousands of orders, and revenue grew by an average of 40% per month. Today, Proprly is going to enter San Francisco this summer and then land in Paris in the fall.

initial group purchase is painful,

Wu Anran was born in a business family in 1988. In September 2007, she was admitted to Guangdong University of Technology Department of electronic information engineering, when students are still in full swing military complained too painful, she has found the first part of a campus, the campus is extensive work cornet agents, all off campus mobile phone to add into the campus network, must pass through her hands, with the business she can feed myself.


to 2010, Wu Anran read junior, has accumulated a wealth of work experience, but also saved thirty thousand or forty thousand dollars, this is the money, become her start-up venture capital.

when she was still in school, she was busy with part-time jobs. When her classmates were busy looking for jobs, she started the company and offered jobs.

two months later, she acted as agent for the campus business of China International Travel Service, Guangzhou. She got the tour guide through the help of the travel company. So, from the beginning, she had a monthly income of more than 3000.

, in fact, is not the only one who wants to get rich by offering new services around Airbnb. Founded only six months start-up company, Guesty is committed to handling other matters for you – to screen tenants based on your requirements, and to provide support for customer support. Another two startups KeyCafe from Vancouver, has set up 9 months and Hoard from Berlin, is still in trial operation stage also want to help Airbnb will be the key to the landlord to tenants, their goal is to expand outside the local area, to enter the American market.

foreign media recently released the article said, as a new leader in sharing the economy, the United States short rental website Airbnb is popular, but its services also exist such as the inconvenience to the user pain point. Fortunately, entrepreneurs seize this opportunity to provide service support around the Airbnb, such as the landlord to provide key delivery and cleaning services Proprly, to help filter tenants and provide customer support KeyCafe.

at the same time, Airbnb is also discussing plans to launch its own cleaning and key care service. It is not yet clear whether Airbnb services will support startups’ new ecosystem, but it is still a big business opportunity to enhance the Airbnb’s overall experience with Airbnb.

Wu Anran is not a native of Jiangmen, nor does she go to college in Jiangmen, but she has started her business in this land in Jiangmen. Graduation season, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter recently conducted an exclusive interview with her, she did not begrudge sharing her entrepreneurial experience.


in June 2010, she invested in partnership with her classmates in Jiangmen and created the 0750 group buying network". The reason why she chose Jiangmen was because she liked the environment in Jiangmen when she visited her classmates in Jiangmen. She hoped that she would make a career in Jiangmen. "If we play" Jiangmen people’s own group buying network ", it may make Jiangmen people more sense of belonging."

, Wu Anran, on his way to business on his first business trip,

college, a monthly income of three thousand