Li Kaifu entrepreneurship is not only smart to start a comprehensive quality

"there are smart people in every industry. I know a lot of smart entrepreneurs. The wise are points in almost any industry, but Li Kaifu thinks that a successful entrepreneurs not to be smart, but also need to have "accept the risk, stress and uncertainty? Willing to focus hard? Have the courage and determination? Whether the fast learning + + strain?" a series of comprehensive quality.

at the same time, entrepreneurs need to humbly accept suggestions and improvements, as well as ways to get the trust of team members.

1 recommendations for Entrepreneurs: 1) pay attention to the user experience, do not be too complicated, and 2) to track user behavior, and constantly optimize the experience. 3) most people use the service is only 5-7 kinds, let your service become the 5-7. 4) work with people you trust and love, and let them do what they are good at. 5) the choice of investors, not just look at the valuation, 6) with the interests of investors. – July 16, 2012 10:00

2 all sectors have smart people, I know a lot of smart entrepreneurs. Smart in almost any industry can add points, but not the most critical issue. Do you want to see if you can accept risk, stress, uncertainty, and are you willing to focus on it? Do you have the courage and determination? Do you learn fast + strain + execute? – 11:36

July 12, 2012How to get the trust of the team leader

3: 1) firm: no matter how great the challenge challenge, at the crucial moment, the leader Kangzhu pressure all the time, for the team to pay, 2) integrity: leaders to live up to their promises and agreements; never consistent, a trust team: 3) trust and power to the team, in order to obtain the trust of the team. – July 2, 2012 11:46

Li Kaifu profile:

Li Kaifu is an executive officer of the information industry and a researcher in computer science. In 1998, Li Kaifu joined the Microsoft Corp, and subsequently founded the Microsoft China Research Institute (now Microsoft Asia Research Institute). July 2005 joined Google (Google) company, and served as Google (Google) global vice president and President of china. September 2009 announced the departure of founder and CEO of innovation workshop. Innovation works chairman and chief executive officer Li Kaifu announced in November 2011 from the Carnegie Mellon University and offers statement by micro-blog, Fang in response to the title of the question, and summarized the process of yourself for the title.