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China cultural heritage of the classical idiom to describe the change of the traditional retail industry: thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years, Wuji become the phoenix.

Internet era is seen as the mainstream of the traditional retail industry has recently been optimistic. In the A stock market, the retail sector overall rise in December 7th, of which 7 stocks daily limit, including Hualian, Sanlian company, Sanjiang shopping, buy happiness, BBK, Baida group and Rainbow Department store.

coincidentally, before this year 12, the U.S. online retail giant Amazon announced in Seattle opened the line convenience store "Amazon Go", the store features a customer from the checkout line trouble, "Li Li go take". Amazon said that if the market reaction to the Amazon Go good, it plans to open more than 2 thousand stores in the United States, the whole entity.

in fact, from the beginning of 2016, combined with the traditional retail industry and the Internet industry has never been so closely interconnected, and Ma Yun’s "new retail" trick is perhaps the better catalyst industry development in 2017.

sparked a thousand layers of stone, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Jack Ma proposed the new retail is becoming an outlet.

October 13, 2016, the Hangzhou Yunxi Ma attended the meeting, the next 30 years is the human society upside down for 30 years, the change of the world will be far beyond the imagination. From the beginning of next year, the Alibaba will no longer mention the "business" two words, because in his opinion, soon will end the era of pure electricity supplier, the next ten years, twenty years will not "electronic commerce" that said, "the only new retail".

CIC, executive director of general consulting burning Zhu Yue said in the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, investor enthusiasm for the new retail stocks unprecedented, a combination of online and offline "new retail model" will become the future of retail industry trends. Not only is Sanjiang shopping, intime with Baida group, rainbow mall, backgammon and other other "new retail stocks have recently ushered in the different levels of the rose.

Zhu Yue view, offline and online retail will also change the past that sharply divided, sharing of consumer information, the stock exchange, the rapid development of mobile payment, and logistics supply chain is fast and convenient, the past few years will significantly decadent line retail back to life. The line for online customer service, make up the effectiveness of complicated product conveying cycle is long, and the limited commodity information and other defects, at the same time the customer area properties and extensive coverage of ages will also bring opportunities for the development of online. Online and offline channel is no longer the former affiliation, and gradually developed into a community to enhance the overall consumer experience as a fundamental.

What exactly is the

– "new retail"


in accordance with Ma’s prediction, the core of the new retail is to promote the integration of online and offline, and accompanied by >