Amoy Business School the establishment of an independent shop seller for Taobao

to the construction of independent shop started in Shanghai Business School (ShopEx) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: ShopEx), recently established a new Department – the department specifically for Taobao in the seller service. The business group of customers, but also naturally divided into "Taobao" and "Taobao" two parts.

this change from last year, Taobao launched the "Amoy plan". In this plan, Taobao decided to gradually open cooperation, specialized division of labor by the brain to promote e-commerce ecosystem. So, from dozens of IT, channel, marketing, logistics and warehousing service providers quickly joined the Amoy team, the business school is one of them.

specifically, Taobao is still playing the role of the basic service provider, providing a variety of water and electricity services, and business to send such a partner is aimed at the seller’s individual needs. Now, the business school and Taobao jointly developed the "shopkeeper" software for the Taobao platform sellers provide a management background, the two front shop "function.

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ShopEx vice president Pei Dapeng said: "the shopkeeper" has sold thousands of units, the income is divided into Taobao."

at the same time, we have been working with Taobao to explore more cooperation, not only for the seller to open an independent shop, it may be the optimization of the site and the page, as well as the back-end business. For example, we recently opened a new interface based on Taobao released a call to fight free Taobao Express single print software."

it is reported that in the last year, Alibaba completed the investment in the business school.


ShopEx president in the eyes of Li Zhongwei, after 10 years, all enterprises will get involved in e-commerce, "it is hard to imagine if there is no electronic commerce, enterprises will be how to do business?" so from 2002 onwards, the business school will start to develop independent shop and online store system, provide strong support for the software type shop.

specifically, the owner of the site as long as the log sent to the website ( to download an independent shop system ShopEx, in a few minutes to complete the installation. Next, the owner simply put their domain name to the system can be used. "Because the fool" built, "the development of e-commerce has 80% is the same, the actual ShopEx abstract the core elements of the electronic commerce website, and its products, thus forming the core business of the company.

, according to Pei Dapeng, ShopEx standardized software now has more than 600 thousand customers, the country’s top 1000 e-commerce sites, more than 80% of the use of the ShopEx system. For ShopEx, regardless of the store itself does not make money, as long as the expansion of e-commerce market, it does not worry no business.

in the past, Taobao has always seen the seller