200 cities in the United States to implement the one day Sanda service

sales revenue and same store sales for five consecutive quarters to maintain double growth to the United States is no longer conservative determination. Beijing Daily reporter learned yesterday from the United States, the United States will launch a "one day Sanda in 200 city nationwide at the end of the year (morning, afternoon, evening of), accurate delivery, send installed sync service, in 2016 expanded to more than 400 city. This also indicates that the future focus of the United States will be transferred to the online.

president of the United States, said Wang Junzhou, the United States will be the main point of future growth in online sales with the same store growth of two aspects. Same store growth competition low, online growth focused on services. Wang Junzhou believes that the low price is the main factor for consumers to choose the United states. However, on the basis of low prices, the United States by reducing procurement costs, providing group cargo capacity to maintain gross margin. Gome reported in the first quarter, same store sales revenue grew by 8.1%, gross margin was higher than the industry of 15.8% of the 18.2%. This is the United States for the five consecutive quarter gross margin continued high growth.

online field, the United States in order to attract more consumers to choose the United States online shopping platform, the launch of the day Sanda, precision distribution, delivery and synchronization services. In the past, the United States decided to geographical location distribution. In the "one day Sanda" and "accurate delivery" service, customers can choose according to their own time to purchase goods, the specific time to send home security service points. At the same time door-to-door, the United States will provide simultaneous installation services.

currently, the United States has 428 logistics warehousing and distribution network in the country. Although the United States can release compact warehouse distribution advantages in distribution, but Wang Junzhou said that the change will increase the cost of the United States distribution standard, push with synchronous current situation is difficult. However, the United States has signed an agreement with 90% suppliers to ensure service. Gome through the acquisition of part of the supplier authorization, with their own after-sales service team to achieve synchronization.