What is the biggest loss of small businesses Taobao

now on Taobao news constantly, and "small merchant network siege after the event, people have speculated that Taobao should abandon the small businesses", and the biggest question is "Taobao blamed on small businesses xiemoshalv", "Taobao is one-sided betrayal of small businesses, small businesses have lost the survival ground. Few people ask, from small businesses, what is Taobao loss? Do small businesses for Taobao is just a pile of rubbish, just throw it away?

a, abandoned small businesses, Taobao will lose the most fundamental competitive advantage

Taobao’s initial development, by providing free display space for small businesses, a lot of young people want to start in droves and developed. Taobao is so successful, because it provides the Internet business and business people, especially young people to provide a sky. Online said C2C, in fact, the so-called taobao.com, in our daily life is a big market, but Ma Yun is a great place to the market moved online, and successfully solved the problem of online transactions. So, this makes Taobao have achieved great success in the market mode, will constitute the overall features of Taobao, and its overall competitive advantage.

many advantages, but also very complicated. For example, the Nothing needed is lacking. advantage, Amoy friends say: "you dare to sell people dare to buy, there are people who sell regret even on the Internet, when a website called all the young people gathered together, and what they think? Such as the staggering price, even the brand usually only to touch the surface, in the Taobao at such a low price to sell, and with certainty to ensure genuine, not only for young people, and let the aunt over forty years old sister, look for Taobao. Of course, there are fakes, Taobao in this area no less trouble, but also no less to pay the power to punish. Here, to be fair, fakes can not be specifically accused of Taobao or its small businesses, out of the toxic milk, lean meat and other food safety incidents, is the face of the country’s independent large businesses, you can also believe who?

anyway, all of these features constitute the advantages of Taobao’s success yesterday. These advantages are small businesses show, if Taobao will abandon the advantage of these small businesses, naturally with the demise of the. Now stroll Taobao (not Taobao mall), definitely not the kind of warm feeling in the past, a huge and beautiful advertising stands on the various pages of Taobao, a look at the big shopping malls. It is also the main navigation "Taobao mall", "Juhuasuan", "Electric City", "good" infinite "with these small businesses even in households are not occupied by the classification, like the construction of a mansion in the bazaars, invited a large number of large businesses, and small businesses had partial in the corner.

left the small customers, rounding the existing advantage, Taobao will develop new advantages? This is of vital importance to Taobao very severe test. The original Taobao’s success in C2C is one step ahead, and today in B2C, is Beijing >