QQ online shopping how to succeed in innovation

said "QQ online shopping", everyone might not know or is used, this is actually a Tencent’s derivatives, and not related to the previous QQ mall, pat on the platform independent electricity supplier, an independent B2C platform, although its original position in the high-income white-collar crowd. But a long time to receive the effect is not so obvious, what reason is this? What needs to be improved in


one, how to treat QQ online shopping?

We all know that

Tencent is doing Internet technology started, the development of more than ten years accumulated a large number of user groups, and in a way to enter the electricity supplier industry effect is not so ideal, and Jingdong, Dangdang veteran business platform can not be compared, what is the reason? In my personal point of view: the so-called 70% belongs to the electronic commerce business, 30% belongs to the electronics, especially in the early development of the business accounted for the proportion is larger, and such as Tencent Internet Co although there are powerful technology as gene, but the lack of traditional business gene, before the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum "Baidu has ah" is a a typical example.

There are

from the Tencent’s propaganda, "QQ online shopping" often use POP advertising propaganda, but we all know, the QQ hacking phenomenon is very serious, some illegal websites often use copycat QQ window to attract users click, the user once caught, then see the Tencent real pop ads feel is not credible, such marketing nature does not receive good results.

From the point of view of

finally affect the user’s intuition, when it comes to business platform everyone will think of Alibaba, Jingdong, and Tencent said everybody’s impression is that "Little Penguin", it is difficult to have the concept of electronic commerce. The business platform and said in front of the Chinese are early into the market, as if we had a topic of "economic elective class commercial blank spots": if a person is studying abroad what advanced technologies and concepts, while the domestic is not involved in this field, so he returned home immediately after the start the possibility of failure is very low. In some of the long-term accumulation of these platforms users will not easily transfer.

two, QQ online shopping how to reasonably develop


1, do not imitate the success of the electronic business platform

because they have been very successful, imitation words would give people a copycat feeling, and Tencent have enough traffic, how to convert the flow of success is the most important, analysis into the QQ online shopping users from each entrance, to understand where they come from payment, again? The proportion of the purchase, after finding subtle differences in targeted advertising.

2, clear what is missing

concluded, "QQ online shopping" is not the lack of money, but not the traffic light traffic and advertising popups dissemination of information is far.