Micro business will have a brilliant future against death

I don’t know since when the micro business seems to have become the common enemies of hatred. See the "derivative" two words, my heart will be unable to restrain the emotions to emerge scraper, advertisement and other cheating harassment, are all detained on the micro circle of friends malicious marketing hat. Some people even put the sellers circle of friends is equivalent to WeChat electricity supplier, concludes that social electricity supplier WeChat based on death. I think that in this logic to explain the micro business, not only hasty and narrow, if you want to do a comprehensive understanding of micro business, first derivative.

what is the micro quotient

many friends mistakenly believe that the derivative is the sellers circle of friends, in fact, the definition of the derivative from a broad perspective I think should be a mobile social electricity supplier. People friends in shopping decision making evaluation and recommend a more and more important, to the last derivative is definitely not the number of sellers circle of friends, this group of people just by the early circle of friends in the development of a popular dividend over C2C, to the end of the development will eventually face a reshuffle. Product quality, category selection, logistics, rights are essential, so the final model is C2B2C, in fact, is the essence of B2C.

sellers circle of friends die

as everyone knows, the first derivative is developed from the circle of friends. With the help of their circle of friends of the first entrance bonus get rich quickly, because the effect of the fission distribution agent and low threshold, zero cost of viral marketing, micro business in the circle of friends such as the emergence of a large number of like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, so the circle of friends formed a derivative of the first prototype. With the official WeChat of malicious marketing circle of friends and users of the micro crack down on advertising disgust, the rise of the mobile business platform to make new sellers circle of friends is bound to death. The sellers circle of friends is not micro business future that the individual has the following reasons:

first, violence scraper, destroy the user experience. Marketing circle of friends has two notable features: first, the crazy people. Whether it is a stranger or acquaintance, the first 5000 people to fill the micro signal (i.e., the upper limit of the number of WeChat); second, Shuabing violence. No matter you love, want to see, and not just trying to shield, shuabing. Even if there is a conversion rate of 1/1000, one day down there are four or five pen turnover is also a good harvest. I do not know this way both are not pleasing, both have not been recognized by the official friends tucao. With the use of WeChat is rational the sellers circle of friends will end the era of shuabing.

secondly, the inferior quality of life. Any commodity in the minds of consumers in the first attribute is always safe, no production date, no quality assurance, no manufacturers of goods is the most worrying consumers in the purchase. At the same time, it is also a prerequisite for checking whether the product is qualified. In the circle of friends because there is no perfect trading system, can only display the commodity information to the user in the form of pictures, and sent pictures is limited (once only 9), which resulted in the micro business people do not know what to show to consumers, consumers can not judge the quality. The product is true. Such as