Ali SAC Yuezhan repercussions of Suning play through marketing

[Abstract] Suning today bursts of 6 page advertisement is directed at the Alibaba signs, and fierce.



technology news (Sun Hongchao) January 30th news, around a fake report, Alibaba and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently frequent chunqiangshezhan. Ali and competitors are not idle, today, Suning played for this marketing occasion.

today issued the "Yangtze Evening News, Suning bursts of 6 page advertisement is directed at the Alibaba signs and vehemence:" keep healthy, people always have a dream, but never steal "," dare to face, Li Kui Li Gui, the second stage is not to separate the mistress "and" go the right way the user is God, not money "and" don’t get lip, not play showy "and" rules on track, Cheng Fangyuan, outside the law without privileges "," modified fruit, do not earn the money to earn money".

this is not the first time that Suning for Alibaba, in last year’s double eleven Eve, Suning has worked in a number of newspapers with version 6 advertising together. The advertisement are shocking words: "poor flesh, you dare ah, people made a myth, you bird thing", "no single price, you are richest ah, courier and other half, you are very busy".

and at the same time, Jingdong also launched a number of brand advertising, will spearhead the Alibaba, I do not know if the Suning ad, Jingdong will take action.