What explains the UNQLO leave Jingdong

not to fall, has been eventful, in recent days, the first is the fitting room, then the event’s Jingdong and a writer of contradictions, and finally to leave the Jingdong in UNIQLO, as if the whole world was filled with the Jingdong and the Jingdong in UNIQLO’s taste, the shop is only 3 months, why choose to leave, leave it also explains what




continue to introduce well-known brands of Jingdong and careful selection of electronic business platform’s

for Jingdong mall, the expansion of the road from 3C to multi category is already self-evident, from GAP, New Balance, PUMA, Kapa, Elle, Jingdong is trying to introduce well-known international brands. In cooperation with UNIQLO, said Jingdong had deliberately opened in Shanghai, an area of 10 thousand and 600 square meters warehouse service alone, only to pay more attention to the service Jingdong UNIQLO, UNIQLO this remarkable.

for UNIQLO, in the choice of the electronic business platform is often cautious and careful. After 2009 settled Tmall, there is no cooperation with other electricity suppliers platform, until 2015 April before hand Jingdong, but three months later, and resolutely away.

Leave Jingdong that UNIQLO


has an official website of international brands, choose to settle in a business platform for only one reason: this platform can bring a higher brand exposure, higher turnover.

This is why Tmall

UNIQLO store, one of the main factors for Jingdong eventually leave the mall. It is said that when Tmall launched the first year UNIQLO, has reached a turnover of one hundred million, accounting for the total turnover of 1/3; although the support of Jingdong mall also brought a lot of UNIQLO brand exposure rate and volume, but it still with "very careful in reckoning" principle abandoned Jingdong, why? Jingdong Mall users compared to the Tmall mall, the latter is more suitable for the brand UNIQLO, too scattered, energy can not concentrate are more adverse influence to uniqlo. For UNIQLO, perhaps can flow into the mall settled Jingdong and trading volume more, but from the turnover rate is low, the energy is scattered, not easy to focus on the brand and other aspects, this also choose to discard it can only bring sesame business platform, leaving Tmall which is more suited to their watermelon.

too many people dream of becoming a shortcut to entrepreneurial desire, but all things in the world are in need of practice, practice of Jingdong UNIQLO tell it: no matter how good the product 3C, Jingdong are not qualified to do the other one can rely on the tree light fashion international brand; Jingdong practice tells us to do. More category of electronic business platform, we must have more electricity supplier capabilities, such as customer service, such as user attributes more.

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