Welfare Tmall officially released 2014 double 11 price list

"double 11" in sight, I believe that many people have to buy one in eager for a fight, a pen. The official Tmall micro-blog has just released the 2014 double 11 the most complete explosion of promotional list contains 17 tabs, 1500 variety of double 11 hottest commodities, that can bring some help "cut the hand".

from this list, this year 11 of the explosion models of promotional products including electrical appliances, beauty, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, underwear, shoes, sports shoes, women bags, outdoor sports, life, travel, home improvement stores, baby car, culture, medicine and other Home Furnishing multiple classification, each product provides detailed name of commodity, price, market price, double 11 commodity details and recommendations.

among them, we are most concerned about the mobile phone digital, accessories, electrical products totaling 165 models, including iPhone 6, millet, rice, special edition version of the meter, MX4,, etc..

details here is no longer introduced, we can download their own view.

download link: https://kanbox.com/f/g508