B2C e businessmen to merchants assessed fees referred to directly

relies on the emerging Internet tools to do retail business people are picked up, traditional enterprises need to abandon the "middleman landlord" ideas that collect jinchangfei reduce operating costs. Yesterday, a partner to the reporter said Dangdang (micro-blog) network, Jingdong (micro-blog) mall and other online shopping malls in each promotional activities, such as promotional sponsorship fees charged. Insiders pointed out that turns a large promotional efforts, let originally peibenzhuanyaohe online retailers are increasingly eager to reduce operating costs, while collecting entry fee is tantamount to doing.

cost shifting cited dissatisfaction with suppliers

yesterday, Dangdang platform partners to reporters to produce a copy of the promotional letter sent dangdang. Mentioned in the text, Dangdang will be held throughout the November super spike, 51% off caps and other promotional activities, will invest more than $60 million media publicity costs. The spirit of "joint promotion, win-win cooperation principle, each merchant charged 500 yuan Dangdang during the anniversary, as for the activities of the promotional support costs will eventually by dangdang.com financial settlement in November accounts deducted and service fee invoices issued." The merchant said that the price war between the platforms, although the increase in sales of goods, but there are suspected of passing on the cost of promotional fees.

for this matter, Dangdang relevant responsible person said, this activity is not mandatory payment, but provides two ways for businesses to choose. Is a platform for businesses to join the November anniversary promotion station, to make a discount or rebate promotions on products. The other is a merchant to pay 500 yuan fee anniversary.

the official pointed out that the news at the end of October had advance notice platform for businesses, and respect the choice of merchants. Due to participate in the activities of the stores are the majority, most of the promotion expenses during the anniversary from dangdang.com, businesses pay promotion costs accounted for less than 1% of all promotion expenses. Dangdang.com of charge merchants during the anniversary promotional fee, all for the promotion of dangdang.com, not for him.

received promotional fees into practice

, but according to the reporter, similar to the collection of fees as a case of promotional activities in the case of Dangdang is not the first time. Last July, the media reported that dangdang.com sent out a notice to the supplier activity books, dangdang.com in the notification requirements, each book suppliers during the activity according to the sales tax of 5%, as the support for promotional activities, deducted by dangdang.com in the settlement account, or be paid by the supplier.

reporter to the capital of the two publishers conducted a confirmation, both said it did. A press official said, in a large online shopping mall will be presented during the event, press 5% to participate in activities for sales tax. The general press to participate in activities, 5% of the publishing industry is not small, but more afraid not to participate in activities will have a negative impact on future sales." The official also said that Dangdang and Jingdong mall have similar activities, but the higher the frequency of dangdang.