Forget last year’s hatred with AL Suning this year is eyeing Jingdong

from commodity prices, offline advertising to logistics services, Ningdu, Jiangsu Province, want this year’s double 11 pressure Jingdong

last year separately by advertising to sneer at Tmall "double 11" Jingdong and Suning, like this year is to return to the eve of the 2012 price war.

on the morning of October 18th, before the Sina has never been sent to the Soviet Union on the micro-blog COO Hou Enlong sent the first message, only the contents of the word: Ping Jing battle". On the evening of the same day, he was in high level in Suning internal meeting at the headquarters of Nanjing, put forward the so-called "Tang Ping Jingdong · national counter offensive".

according to the "Daily" curiosity obtained from Suning’s news, "double 11" this year, Suning online and offline will directly on Jingdong. The most obvious manifestation is: the price of Suning’s full range of commodity prices will be lower than the Jingdong, of which a large number of "blast" price will be 20% lower than the Jingdong again; at the same time, last year’s "double 11" during the advertising campaign will also be re started, the Jingdong will be advertising shop where we go".

Jingdong proud of logistics capabilities, Suning may also be its own logistics system challenges. It is reported that this year’s "double 11" during the period of Suning will make full use of the line stores and distribution station layout, expand the scope of home appliances installed to send one and category, and will implement the "black power in the 12 city" (TV, audio) free distribution.

Small appliances

for online sales very fierce competition, Suning made during the double 11 can do 2 hours of service, at the same time will be in the "home testing" existing O2O services in Beijing to test the water to try: what if the broken mobile phone, home computer, can be directly arranged Suning staff on-site repair.

in 2012, Jingdong, Suning, Gome three battles, but also limited to keep the profit margins of pure price war". This move will not only lead to a huge loss of the three, but also so that the domestic market Suning, Gome shares shock. Until the end of the price war, the market has not recognized any one of the winners.

relative to Tmall more than 50 billion yuan double sales, and even do a few years, double the Jingdong and Suning has never been published in the day of their own sales in. The two sides compete for, in fact, who can become a market opportunity in the momentum of second. Just this year, "the" price war "ideas of Suning, emboldened than that strong:

The "

" mode of traditional electricity supplier financing has been based on the burn ‘not going to play. The real price war is built on the basis of a strong supply chain, in essence, retail competition. There is no doubt that this will be a long-term value war." Sun Weimin, vice chairman of the board of Commerce recently said.

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