Jingdong reached a cooperation with ntel to use real sense technology to kill Ali

said that the electricity supplier dispute Alibaba and Jingdong is actually the competition of logistics, the logistics efficiency and cost control who can better, who can become the final winner.

it seems that Intel also want to wade this muddy water. Intel information technology summit held in Shenzhen, Intel CEO division and then announced a partnership with Jingdong, the use of Intel’s real sense of technology to enhance the efficiency of warehousing management Jingdong.

today, I would like to announce that the Jingdong will achieve cooperation with Intel, to strengthen their warehouse management "with a real sense of technology, and then the odd branch said," we are helping them to develop a prototype of innovation to manage their warehouse".

Department of odd spot demonstration technology to measure

division again odd said that this reality is not used on the PC technology, but on the mobile platform. As a business tycoon, Jingdong every day to send out the parcel reached 3 million, the staff need to use 3 minutes a parcel on the system, this requires a lot of manpower and resources, but the real sense of technology can be 3 minutes to 5 seconds.

according to the observation of entrepreneurial state reporters on the scene, the staff use Intel real sense technology, the length and width of higher measurement data of regular and irregular wrapped in hundreds of coup time, and automatically in real time on PAD is calculated for each parcel storage will occupy much space in ships, trucks, and piled up to the most effective use of space, which makes the efficiency of warehousing and logistics efficiency has been greatly improved.