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small cell phone, is carrying the daily life of the track: sign, micro-blog, mobile shopping, games, reading, etc.. Life is moving more and more, and even moving into life itself. And through mobile shopping has become a new consumer habits.

according to the report, the mobile provider market size has increased year by year, as of December 2012, China Mobile e-commerce market reached 96 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 135%, is expected in 2013 this figure is expected to reach 130 billion yuan. With the mobile Internet coverage of people’s life and work in all aspects of business, mobile technology has been a trend which cannot be halted.

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mobile phone application store shopping software, Ling Lang everywhere. The major electricity supplier of mobile phone client in which behind the small icon a chic, with the electricity supplier giants compete in the mobile business ambition.

mobile electricity supplier is the integration of mobile information services and traditional electricity supplier products, compared with the traditional electricity supplier has a unique advantage. In recent years, the explosive growth of mobile e-commerce has ignited the passion of brands and retailers, so that they have to invest in the use of the market in action.

precipitation accumulated by the traditional electricity supplier users, but also laid the foundation for the development of mobile electricity supplier.

mobile electricity supplier advantage

it is understood that the total number of Internet users in China in 485 million, the number of mobile phone users reached 920 million, far higher than the number of PC users in the wireless users in 920 million, the growth proportion according to the forecast, the 2012 mobile phone Internet users will surpass PC Internet users, it is as the first advantage of wireless applications.

with the current popularity of smart phones, mobile phone users become potential customers of mobile electricity supplier, which is a very large number.

with the maturity of the Internet technology, mobile providers in the limitations of wireless support is less than PC, as long as the phone can go online shopping online, there is a dynamic advantage over PC.

mobile providers less than

mobile providers also promote the development of mobile payment more convenient, with the payment of electricity providers to increase the number of licenses, mobile payment needs are also increasing. However, due to the phone itself, its security has been criticized by the majority of consumers. Mobile security has been restricting the development of electricity providers.

mobile phone development is changing rapidly, but the current performance of the phone is still beyond the computer. Mobile electricity providers in the mobile terminal services show, or not in the computer side of the comprehensive. PC end user experience can be done at present unable to realize mobile phone service, such as a Taobao’s online service that is not currently implemented mobile phone terminal.

mobile phone is still a small screen can not replace the computer to give consumers a satisfactory service experience. Because of the limitations of the phone itself, the amount of information is still no mobile phone