Business network to Juan CEO Shenzhen SAR in the future


City, the five session of the National People’s Congress meeting closed yesterday. The emergence of a city government leadership will greatly affect the future of the city. Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the 30 anniversary of the establishment of a special node, the personnel structure is undoubtedly essential for future development. The emergence of the new municipal government leadership, so that people on the legendary city of Shenzhen is full of expectations. The new leadership of the municipal government not only has the characteristics of young and professional, but also presents the characteristics of old and new, old and new combination. From the perspective of Shenzhen’s development strategy, the election results can be described as inspiring.

, as a representative of the people’s Republic of China after 60, is very happy to see my peers into the new municipal government leadership. Xu Qin, Yuan Baocheng, and a total of 4 of the, after the election of the leadership of the market outlook, but also makes me feel very kind of more than 60 of the people, I feel very warm, I feel very warm. It is particularly worth talking about is born in 1961 Xu Qin comrades. The science and engineering background, with Beijing Institute of Technology master degree of Hong Kong Polytech University, photoelectric professional degree of doctor of business administration, the new mayor worked in the State Planning Commission, the national development and Reform Commission Department of high tech industry before, is considered to be a typical technocrat. It has rich experience in the development of high-tech industry, the implementation of "Shenzhen to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the development of a new model will play a key role in building a national innovation oriented city" strategy.

in addition, Xu Qin is still the leading group of e-commerce in Shenzhen, as the head of the business network, I reported to him several times. In Shenzhen as a national e-commerce model city, the process of pouring a lot of effort. He was in Shenzhen "12th Five-Year" plan to participate in the formulation, familiar with the development situation of Shenzhen, a planning framework of mature system, to maintain the continuity and stability of Shenzhen strategic positioning and policies is very favorable.

3 other leaders in the market outlook, especially the only 41 year old Zhang Wen’s election, but also the whole team is full of youthful vitality of the people of the world, the election of the people of the world, the company is full of vigor and vitality. These leaders are young and promising, active thinking, to bring a fresh wind Shenzhen politics. Many deputies said in the vote, I hope these young city leaders forge ahead, pioneering and innovative. Under the guidance of the new leadership of the government, together to create a better future for Shenzhen.

with the "two sessions" closing, Shenzhen began a new middle distance race. I believe that Shenzhen will promote the transformation of traditional industries from extensive to intensive, building an innovative city of science and technology, to enhance the city brand and other major breakthroughs. Dapeng will once again go beyond the wings, and fly the new