Li Zhi B2C is not the key to the success of capital competition

Market trends China online retail forecast 2009-2012 "

report" released by Analysys International, 2009 China online retail market will reach 252 billion 600 million yuan, the market growth rate is higher than the C2C B2C. At the same time, B2C online shopping platform continues to increase, and access to a large number of venture capital.

media reported that "risk investors are crazy to B2C money, not afraid of their own hit wrong, afraid they don’t have a chance to hit." However, the enthusiasm of investors at the same time, the bottleneck of the development of B2C site is also very obvious. Up to now, Jingdong, VANCL and other reputation outside the B2C site is still far from reaching the scale of profitability; Dangdang consecutive losses for 9 years, until last year announced earnings.

the current domestic B2C has entered the burning peak, part of the site hit original capital advertised for desperate. According to media statistics, the current part of the B2C site in the promotion of investment has nearly cost 80%. The surface looks, B2C circle fast prosperous, play this line of entrepreneurs all shot up. In Li Zhi’s view, the domestic e-commerce is not as prosperous as we have seen, but has been biased towards the development of the abnormal track. In the current domestic e-commerce market is controlled by a small number of enterprises, most of the electricity supplier operating costs rose sharply, poor profitability is the consensus of all parties.

look at the large B2C platform, they need to inject a lot of money into the development, and in order to allow more capital injection, you need to have a good revenue planning, beautiful financial statements. For the market rally, a beautiful earnings earnings, crazy enclosure a way to increase revenue, will become the inevitable choice of B2C. However, these were forced through a variety of ways to this part of the cost to consumers digest, once consumers buy buy into a tangle, the chain will undoubtedly make the whole industry chaos, into a quagmire.

high cost manufacturing chaos, backing the online shopping platform in the back of the capitalist influx is the mastermind of the entire e-commerce industry to drive up the cost of "". "Chinese Internet companies are mostly dead in the hands of the transfer of investment", the investors in order to "demote the executioner". These show that China has no shortage of rich capital investors, but the lack of patience, patience, and forward-looking experts helpless reality. Finally, a small part of occupied or investment consortium backed up enterprises, most innovative, ideal for small businesses slowly being crushed to death.

more and more B2C site influx, bigger market cake but also raise the threshold of the industry, the increasingly fierce competition. Li Zhi believes that the establishment of a successful B2C website, they need more than just money, more importantly, full patience and in line with their own business development model. At the same time to any enterprise, profit is king B2C, once the enterprise operation cost, in no profit or loss, the more flattering scenery that are false.

if venture capital continues to use e-commerce as a traditional Internet Project